How to Create Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Invitations - How to Create Memorable Baby Shower Invitations

Hosting a baby shower is an incredible honor. To ensure the event runs smoothly, invitations should convey all pertinent details such as theme, venue and dress code to guests.

Your guests should also receive registry details to make gift-giving easier for them. Typically, invitations should be sent out about six to eight weeks in advance of an event.


An engaging baby shower theme will make the event memorable and exciting for all attendees - expectant mom-to-be, guests, and the party planner alike! There are countless themes you could select that celebrate different aspects of pregnancy journey.

Flower themes are stunning and ideal for springtime celebrations, making the perfect springtime babes' party. Select a palette consisting of pastel pinks, yellows, natural greens, and light blues as decorations and food hues; additionally give each guest their own flower pot or plant as a thoughtful present!

An outdoorsy theme can make for the ideal baby shower celebration, especially if your mom-to-be and her friends love nature. Decorate with wildflowers and other natural motifs while serving brunch foods such as sandwiches, scones and salads. Coed or girls-only events can take place here, with opportunities for outdoor games like scavenger hunts available as part of your outdoor activity plan.

An alternative gender neutral option for your shower would be a farm-themed event. Choose an earthy color palette of browns and reds, decorate with hay bales, serve food from local farms, and offer each guest a vegetable seed pack as a party favor.

If the mother-to-be enjoys stories, host a fairytale-inspired shower. Select colors like pink and blue with fairy-themed decorations like unicorns. Create centerpieces by gathering paper pom poms together into large bunches for centerpieces; and serve desserts featuring colourful themes.

If the expecting mom-to-be loves books, ask her friends to bring along their favorite childhood story as gifts. Decorate with book banners and bake a bookshelf cake as special treats! For added fun, host the event at a library, inviting guests to use its photo booth free of charge and inviting them to bring in any books that they read as babies for donation to its collection. No matter which look or feel you choose for your baby shower invitations - they're an integral component that sets the scene and establishes expectations!


Baby shower invitation wording is essential in setting the atmosphere and atmosphere for an event, whether light-hearted and playful or more elegant and formal. In either case, however, the invitation should clearly state date, time, location as well as who will be invited (mom-to-be and female friends/family of mother). Furthermore, include any information regarding gifts for baby being encouraged at this party.

Invitees should also be asked to RSVP by a certain date, which will help the host manage food, favors, seating arrangements and seating arrangements efficiently. Customarily phone numbers or emails may be provided so guests may reach out with their RSVP responses; in any event it is wise for a host to set a deadline so she knows she has an accurate count of guests attending her event.

Some couples may decide to invite both women and men to their baby shower, in which case appropriate wording should be included on the invitations. Historically, baby showers were exclusive events for women only parties; nowadays however it has become much more common to invite both genders. If an expectant couple opts to include men, more masculine language such as, "Join us in celebrating _____ and their bundle of joy!" may be used.

Additional wording options could include, "Though this party is designed exclusively for ladies, if any gentlemen would like to attend we welcome them as well - simply indicate on your RSVP if that is your plan!"

If the mom-to-be is expecting multiples, the invitation should include both names with an emphasis on what type of present would be appropriate and "please bring for _____." Personalized return address labels, self-inking rubber stamps or stylish stickers can add an extra personal touch and help create the overall theme of the event.


Traditional hosts of baby showers traditionally used paper invitations to inform guests about the event; however, technology has made digital baby shower invitations an acceptable alternative. Both options should meet with appropriate etiquette standards - it's up to each host and her friends to decide which works best.

No matter if your invites are paper or digital, it is vital that all essential information be included on them. This includes the host's name and address as well as event date/time information such as RSVP/registry details or co-ed events that do not allow guests to bring gifts.

Once you have all of the details collected, it's time to choose baby shower invitation cards that match the theme and style of the party. There is an impressive array of designs to choose from that make this easy; cards that celebrate mother-to-be's due month or trimester can even make great keepsakes for future memories!

Alternatively, for mothers expecting baby boys in fall or planning a gender reveal shower in spring who want an invitation with earth tones that match her party decor or choose an inviting travel motif to match the decorations for either event.

As the mom-to-be's first impression of the party, baby shower invitations should be carefully considered when choosing them. Keep the colors and themes that run throughout your decor, food, beverages, favors and favors in mind when selecting invitations - this way everyone involved feels authentic and special as the celebration draws near! Choosing invitations that reflect this atmosphere also help build excitement about what's to come for her big event!


Baby showers are an unforgettable way to commemorate the impending arrival of a child. Though most baby showers take place a few weeks prior to labor beginning, some expectant parents prefer having one even after giving birth!

No matter when or where your shower takes place, selecting an invitation design that suits it is crucial. Traditional paper invites may still be appropriate but digital invites provide quicker reach as well as being eco-friendlier options. If choosing paper invites make sure they reach guests timely as if you opt for paper make sure the mother-to-be gives enough notice to deliver your invites herself!

When searching online baby shower invitations, look for designs that combine fun and functionality. Some useful features to keep an eye out for include:

On your invitation, it's also a good idea to include information on the registry. Doing this can make it easier for guests to purchase items for the shower. Ideally, the mom-to-be should consult her friends regarding what items should be added as she progresses through gestation so her list is ready when the event rolls around.

Greenvelope offers more than just excellent online baby shower invitations; its powerful tools make party planning even easier. Use Greenvelope's RSVP feature to keep track of guests who RSVP online and send reminders if necessary; create an itemized list for guests so you don't end up with duplicate gifts; and more.

Once your party has concluded, don't forget to send thank you cards for attending to everyone who contributed - be it animated animals or hand-drawn details on invitations you chose! There is sure to be an adorable thank you card design available that suits.

As well as hosting online baby showers, other parties may be appropriate to celebrate this big event such as sprinkle showers for second or third children, welcome showers for adopting children, co-ed or couples' baby showers can all make fantastic ways of commemorating it all!

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