Birthday Invitation Wording: How to Write a Birthday Invitation

Birthday Invitation Wording: How to Write a Birthday Invitation

Birthday parties are always fun, whether they are held for kids or adults. The right birthday party invitation sets the tone for the party and helps guests get into the mood for the upcoming event. No matter how small or big a party you are planning, an invitation is just the thing to set it off in style! Get examples of birthday invitations for adults as well here.

Remember, even if it is the first time you are planning a birthday party and want to send out invites, it does not have to be intimidating. It is mostly about telling guests when and where they have to go and it does not have to be any fancy wording at all. This article tells you how to write and design a birthday party invitation card.

Steps on How to Write a Birthday Invitation

Prepare a Guest List: The first and foremost thing about how to write a birthday invitation is to prepare a guest list. Decide on the people you want to invite to the party. This will give you a clear idea about how many people you can expect and how you should go ahead with your planning.

Theme: Having a theme is a super fun way of adding to a birthday party. Knowing what to write on a birthday invitation is a lot about having a particular theme. For example, if it is a kid's birthday you are planning, they will usually want a theme such as a unicorn, favorite cartoon characters or superheroes. This will serve as a canvas for your invitation card.

Date and Location: How to write invitation for a birthday party is mostly about giving your guests information about the date and location. The date is obviously going to be the day of the birthday. Finalize the location because it is information you are going to need. The time should be something you know most of your guests will be comfortable with.

The Right Design: Choosing a design is the very next thing you have to do. The good news is that many specialist invitation makers specialize in beautifully designed birthday invitation cards. The design should go with the theme. For example, if you are choosing an inherently girly theme, then the color pink can be included. It is important to note here that the design should not take away from the information provided. The information should be clearly visible and legible.

Proper Name: If you are confused about how to word a birthday invitation, you are certainly not alone. It is best to address guests by their proper name and the prefix of Mr., Mrs., Miss or Master.

Include These Things: Your birthday invitation must contain a few things including who is invited and for what, where the party is going to be, and the date and time. Guests need all the information and you should include them in your invitation so they don’t have to call you up.

RSVP: You need to tell your guests for the RSVP to have the final headcount for the birthday party. Don’t forget to include a phone number and an address so that they find it easy to RSVP to you. If there is a specific dress code for the birthday party, that too should find space in the invitation. When the guests call up to RSVP, it is good to remind them of the dress code, if any. However, for kids’ birthday parties, it is best to be more casual and let guests wear what they want.

Choosing a Birthday Invitation Card

Some of the things you must keep in mind when choosing an invitation card for a birthday are:

Children's party: For a child’s birthday party, the invitation should be designed in a way that is age-appropriate. For instance, the birthday invitation for a child of 4 is going to be completely different from that of a child of 16. Choosing age-appropriate themes and designs is the best.

For a coming-of-age birthday celebration like a sweet 16 for a young girl, you can choose a Sweet 16 theme card.

Adult’s Party: Depending on the style of the birthday party you are having for an adult, or perhaps for yourself, you can choose an invitation. Chic and beautifully designed works for most adult women's birthday party invites. For men, grey, black and white colors work best coupled with a masculine design.

Food and Drinks: Invitation cards for the birthday party must also include information about food if possible. It may be a full meal, snacks only, drinks-only party. Depending on what kind of foods will be served at the party, your guests can come prepared. For example, they will come on an empty stomach or a full one. 

Parents to Leave or Stay: Invitation cards for the birthday party of kids should also include whether parents are expected to stay or leave. This will help parents make a decision about what to do with their time when the children are attending the party.

Examples of birthday invitations

Let’s now look at some examples of birthday party invitations:

1. 1st birthday party Invitation:

‘’He/she is as sweet as sugar and oh so much fun,

Come and party because (name of child) is 1!’’

2. 40th Birthday Party Invitation:

‘’Aged to perfection

Est. 1982 | 40 years

Please come join us for a celebration in honor of Jane Doe

(Date and Time)


RSVP at abc@gmail.com’’

3. Generic Birthday Party Invitation:

‘’Come let’s celebrate!

Hayden is turning 30!

Join us for drinks and desserts on September 24th

(Date and time)

(RSVP Information)’’

It is really to send out birthday party invites as long as you have finalized the guest list and know what to write. Now that you have got some examples of birthday invitations for a party, you know how easy it is to write an invitation for your guests. At Pietra Paper Design, get your hands on high-quality examples of the birthday invitation wording, they are the best invitation card makers and are known for their professionalism.

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