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Burgundy thank you cards.

Burgundy thank you cards – solid, splendor and charm to convey your over-the-moon thankfulness to your guests and dear ones in a quite warming way! Great things in life are not the things but people with whom you make each moment remarkable and joyous, it is family where you are waited for and where you are always welcomed, it is the closest friends you are sure you can lean on any time and of course, those people for whom you can stand for no matter what! Spending the very special events of your life with those people fastens the bonding between you! 

Thus, never forget to send thank you cards to those with whom you had or are going to have special events! Burgundy thank you cards help you to build this bonding, even more, higher with your dear ones letting them know that they are as valuable to you as the blood in your veins. Pietra Paper Design offers burgundy thank you cards, gold foil Thank you cards, thank you cards with monogram and thank you cards with flowers design in the burgundy theme color. 

Special notes:

Do not worry if the fonts shown in advertisement pictures are not the ones you are looking for, Pietra Paper design can amaze you with various fonts including the most modesty to the most romantic! Gold foil thank you cards in a burgundy color scheme look fantastic and astounding!

 How to order thank you cards.

You can order burgundy thank you cards by selecting the preferred design among the listings placed on the “Burgundy thank you cards” page. 

You can find thank you cards with monogram, thank you cards with flowers design and gold foil thank you cards.

Each listing of cards gives you the option to select the necessary quantity of cards, the desired color envelopes, foil and cardstock. 

-Designer Collection Plike Paper (350 gsm)

-Crafted with a foil color of your choice

-Foil press technique adds a refined luxury touch

-Folded size: 4 x 6 inches / 105 mm x 150 mm (+/- 1 mm)

Pietra Paper offers unlimited amounts of digital samples which you receive on the same day as your order has been placed or on the next day!