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Why do we need elegant wedding invitations?

Elegant wedding invitations are needed not only to convey information to guests about the upcoming event. Their design sets the tone for the whole wedding and creates the first impression of style.

Maybe you will have a wedding in strict classic black and white tones or a reckless party with friends in sneakers. All this will become clear as soon as your guests pick up unique elegant wedding invitations. The design should correspond to the theme of the celebration and it is desirable to prescribe the expected dress code.

Elegant invitation cards in the set have a stylish envelope, a postcard with information, a feedback card. This is very convenient for delivering the most complete information about the wedding and receiving feedback from guests.

Elegance is timeless

The concept of weddings still boils down to emphasizing the tenderness, lightness of the bride, the emotional part of the ceremony. This is an important day in the life of the newlyweds, so any details are taken into account.

An elegant wedding invitation is suitable for those who have chosen such celebration styles:

  • Classic wedding
  • Greenery
  • Glamour
  • Industrial
  • Retro
  • Vintage

Even now, when young people are trying to discard the small things, without which the wedding will not lose its solemnity, unique elegant wedding invitations are very popular.

Invitations often participate in photo shoots. One of the important stages of the wedding organization is very eventful. Joint choice of design, ready-made invitations on hand, delivery of invitations to guests and their sincere joy. A whole photo set will gather.

If you decide to choose an elegant design of a wedding invitation, then you need to do it in advance. To have time to choose a design, coordinate details, print and deliver to your home. After that, you still need time for mailing.

The invitation card is elegant in everything. It must fall into the hands of the guests no later than thirty days before the celebration.

When ordering an elegant wedding invitation, newlyweds often choose transparent acrylic. 

A classic font with curls and embossing with different types of foil looks very elegant on it. There is also a choice of a nude palette with a floral ornament, an invitation in purple colors. Black sets with gold embossing will never lose popularity. Classic fonts look great on cardboard in dark blue and blue shades.

Wax seals can be ordered with different designs and any color. You can also choose an envelope and postcards by color.

You can see the elegant design of the wedding invitation on our website. The invitations are made in the best English style. Chic, sophisticated, tradition, royal nobility – everything is combined in the sets.

If there is any doubt about the choice of design or materials, our designer will help you choose your elegant invitations to events. You can get a consultation by filling out the feedback form in the Contacts section or by phone.