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Everything ingenious – is simple!

A wedding is a costly affair and its expenses are not a piece of cake. Many brides try to save money at each point of the wedding preparation. However, this will not affect the quality if you order ordinary wedding invitations. We know how to make simple wedding invitations inexpensively, but very stylish and fashionable. We use the minimalist style for this, we indicate only the main information, and we compose the set taking into account the wishes of the young.

The original design, the use of exquisite fonts, and the combination of colours will make a simple wedding invitation extraordinary. Guests will appreciate your taste, and choice of design and understand that they will have a wonderful holiday in a wonderful atmosphere.

The history of wedding invitations,

Printing began to develop only in the 20th century. Prior to this time, a simple wedding invitation was passed by heralds in a loud voice. To do this, they overcame unimaginable distances from village to village. They were doing their job. In the old days, they loved to celebrate weddings on a grand scale.

The nobles, who could pay with coins, ordered ordinary wedding invitations from the monks, as they were skilled in calligraphy. Hand-written invitations were very expensive. But, with the invention of the printing press, this service became cheaper and faster. They created lead stamps, which were painted and printed on thick paper.

Finished products in those days looked completely unremarkable and not festive but resembled old paper with text.

With the development of printing, simple wedding invitations in the UK began to be printed in newspapers. Surprisingly, this tradition is still alive today. Newspapers with such announcements are published in America and Western Europe.

In the 20th century, printing houses improved so much that a simple wedding invitation became available to everyone, regardless of status and income. This gave rise to the development of various designs, forms, and filling of invitation sets. It has become easier to convey information about the upcoming celebration and to receive feedback from guests.

How to order plain wedding invitations in the UK and other countries?

 Ordering simple wedding invitations in the UK is now as easy as shelling pears on our website. To do this, you need to select the design of the set you like and place an application in the display next to the invitation. After paying for the order and agreeing on all the inscriptions and the composition of the set, you will be shown the deadline for the whole process which is 2-3 weeks.
Please note that you can choose different sizes of invitations. Choose the colour of the paper, envelope, and foil. We also make an acrylic invitation which is thin and transparent. The foil looks fabulous on it. Choose bows or seals for envelopes. All colours are available for selection. In the section of additional information, write all your wishes that you would like to see in your invitation set.
A simple wedding invitation card can be quite unique and exclusive if our team will work on its design.