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White and gold wedding invitations are the colours of a real wedding celebration!

What could be more tender and luxurious than combinations of white and gold flowers at a wedding?

Wedding invitations in these shades symbolize the white dress of the bride and the gold rings of the newlyweds.

Tablecloths, table decorations, flowers with ribbons, guests' outfits, and a decorated cake - these are all inspiring elements of the overall style of the wedding. White and gold wedding invitations are no exception.

Creating a golden mood.

The choice of the colour of the materials is obvious - it is thick paper or transparent, like a bride's veil, acrylic. On these materials, a romantic font with foil stamping will look stunning. This design is suitable for any style of wedding.
White colour will soften the saturation of the postcard, making the atmosphere light and clean.
The golden colour is luxurious but very pretentious, so it needs to be diluted with suitable colours and shades. You can add a beige colour which will soften the contrast of colours, and at the same time create a calm atmosphere.
Elegant white and gold invitations are created with every little detail in mind. Many interesting materials can be used for decoration in this style: tulle and gold bows, openwork cover of an invitation or an envelope, pearl beads, golden bells, and printing on paper in gold colour.
In the white and gold wedding invitation, the newlyweds write information about the venue and time of the celebration, and also specify the dress code, if any. For friends, we advise you to stipulate this so that they dress in the same tone of beige shades with elements of gold such as barrettes in their hair or jewellery in the tone of beige.
The dress code can be whatever you want. The main thing is to think about it a bit earlier and as well as not to forget to warn guests, in order to avoid embarrassing situations.
Gold and white wedding invitations look beautiful when you add images of flowers in the same shades or nudes on a light background. Flowers of the same type in the hall and on the invitations will favourably overlap.
Creating an atmosphere at the wedding celebration depends on many factors, but the invitations are the ones which give the first impression of everything to your guests.  Simple white and gold wedding invitations put the tone for the entire wedding. Therefore, try to choose the design of invitation sets thoroughly.
With the tone and style of invitation cards, you need to make reserved seating cards for guests as well so that everyone immediately sat down at their place, and appreciated your taste in decorating the celebration.
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Use the convenient form and order your kit. A white and gold wedding invitation will be the beginning of an amazing celebration and a magical atmosphere.