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Acrylic save the date: A charming, personalized card.

Among wedding stationery, a special place is held by acrylic save the date cards. In appearance, they resemble a plate made of matte or transparent glass, where the necessary information about the upcoming celebration is presented. Receiving an acrylic invitation prior to the event is a great pleasure for guests because a creative approach to such details shows how carefully the newlyweds are preparing for the wedding.

Why choose acrylic save the date cards for your wedding?

You can always choose regular invitations for your wedding, which will be sent out 2-4 weeks in advance. However, acrylic save the date cards, which are sent out a few months (6-9) prior to the celebration will solve a multitude of questions at once:
Notify your loved ones, that you wish for them to attend your wedding. For those who work, are based abroad or just have a very busy schedule, this thoughtfully scheduled invitation will be a great opportunity to make it to the celebration stress-free.
An opportunity to in advance find out the number of guests attending for the bride and the groom. You can call and ask, whether the card arrived and if the invitation is accepted. But better, you can leave all the relevant contact information in the invite, so guests can notify you on their own, whether they are to be expected at the celebration.

Bringing on a festive vibe and big smiles to their face, setting up the tone for all the happy preparations to come. The making of personalised acrylic save the cards – like a creation of a small masterpiece, that will become a little souvenir for each guest. Once such an invitation is received, anyone will wish to start preparing for the upcoming celebration – choosing an outfit, gifts and little surprises for the groom and the bride.
Acrylic save the date –  symbolises the exquisite taste and the creative approach taken to such a traditional event. Your celebration will surely stand out straight from the beginning!