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Wedding Save the Dates Cards 

Any important event, and especially such a beautiful and joyful one as a wedding, can and should be solemnly celebrated. Preparing for a significant day may have many worries and troubles, but still brings a lot of joy. Surely you want to notify all relatives and friends about the approaching special date. The best way to tell friends, relatives, colleagues and everyone with whom you would like to share your joy about the celebration is to send Save the date - special “attention” cards with a brief description of the future celebration.

What does wedding save the date cards and why are they needed? 

Save the date - a card notifying that a wedding will take place in the near future. It usually contains the names of the future newlyweds and the date of marriage. This can be seen as a little preview of a future invitation.

Some couples send out save the date cards not only for the wedding but also for the engagement, if it will be held officially and if they plan to invite guests. Sometimes these cards are sent by mail or given out in person to remind you about upcoming or past events. For example, a couple became husband and wife a few years ago, and in the near future they plan to have a grand celebration of their wedding anniversary.

There are significant differences between a regular invitation to a wedding and a wedding save the date.

Invitations are only sent out to those who are to attend the wedding, whereas save the date can be sent out to everyone.

In the invites not only the date and the time of the celebration are noted, but also the theme. For example, if a costume party is planned, or an outdoor event, guests are notified in advance.

How to choose the correct wedding save the date cards. 

The selection of PietraPaperDesign store is truly impressive, so it will not be difficult to choose cards to your taste. However, most couples prefer personalized save the date invitations. These products are unique, they do not just fit the general theme, style or colorways of the future celebration, but reflect how the bride and groom see their celebration.

Wedding save the dates can be modest and concise, or pompous, beautifully decorated with foil, patterns, sparkles and other decor. A very popular option is to use photographs of the couple as a background. Not only the stars of the occasion, but also many guests will certainly want to keep such cards as a memory of one of the most important and joyful days in the life of a couple.

Advantages of save the date cards from Pietra Paper design. 

We offer not only a wide range of designs, styles and colours of invitation cards, but also guarantee their quality. The cards are printed on moderately thick (230-350 gsm) paper that is a pure delight to the touch. They are made using real foil and high-quality ink that won't smudge or fade over time.

Our wedding save the date cards do not turn yellow and do not fade over time, they maintain a beautiful, presentable appearance. They can be kept as pleasant memories for everyone who shared the joy of their wedding with the bride and groom. Save the date cards are sent not only within the UK but all over the world.