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Wedding Save the Date cards on vellum. 

Preparing for the celebration is not only exciting and enjoyable, but also could be troublesome process in which every detail counts. You need to decide on the number of guests, the format of the event, menu, transfer, and so on. Invitations are a must. Accompany your celebration with special Save the Date cards on vellum.

Why Save the date on vellum are so popular. 

You need to understand that the modern vellum paper for Save the Date is not the parchment that was made almost 1000 years ago. At that time, it was made from animal skins and was used as an alternative to birch bark.

Today, vellum is a very beautiful material used primarily for decorative purposes. Letters, invitations and, of course, stylish vellum Save the Date cards for weddings, engagements, christenings, anniversaries, wedding anniversaries and other important and festive events are made from it.

These products have a very specific texture. Even the most simple, concise, minimalist design or plain text on this material will look extraordinarily beautiful and elegant.

Vellum is a more popular option compared to other types of decorative paper for printing invitations or save the date cards.

Save the dates on vellum in the UK 

In the production process, we use only high-quality vellum, creating stylish and durable Save the Dates cards. It does not turn yellow and does not fade over time, which means that even after a few years the card will remain as stunning as on the day of delivery.

We offer a big variety of vellum Save the date cards in the UK, with the opportunity to choose all the details on your own – colors, fonts and other little things. Each client can choose a suitable option from our catalogue. We can also help you bring your design to life.

In addition to a great variety of patterns, you can also order products with embossing, rhinestones, or with the overlay of a special transparent material on vellum Save the Date, which makes them look like laminated cards. Each product is a real work of art, which will certainly impress everyone you send them to.