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Feedback from guests to brides!

A wedding invitation card with an rsvp is essential in wedding etiquette.

Wedding invitations with a set of postcards and rsvp envelopes are sent to guests in order to find out if a person will attend the celebration. The card usually contains a phone number for feedback, so that it is convenient to contact and inform about your decision. Ignoring this request is considered bad manners. If the brides put a postcard in the envelope for a response, it is imperative to give feedback.

Usually, an invitation with an rsvp card contains information about the deadline for giving feedback. If the date is not specified, then, according to etiquette, you cannot delay the answer for more than a week.

An interesting fact: wedding invitations from rsvp in the UK are produced with the original French name of the card, although the French themselves use a different version, which translates as “Please answer”.

How can the wedding invitations be answered with rsvp cards attached?

    1. If the wedding invitation set contains a card, guests fill it out by answering questions and send it in an envelope to the sender within the agreed time frame.
    2. If the invitations came without answer cards, the guests will call the brides at the numbers that must be indicated on the card.
    3. When a phone is indicated on the card, the person cannot respond to the invitation in writing but do so by calling the specified number.
    4. The invitation card may contain a request to respond by email. So then, you need to send the decision by email.
    5. Wedding invitations and rsvp sets are marked regrets only. This means that a response is expected from the guest only in case of refusal to participate in the event.

    What are wedding invitations for with a set of cards and rsvp envelopes?

    It is not good to refuse without a good reason. If a guest receives an rsvp invitation to a wedding, then the hosts (bride and groom) really want to see him/her. It would also be strange to change your mind close to the wedding day. If the guest has confirmed his/her presence, it is impermissible not to appear at the celebration.

    Wedding invitations and a set of rsvp cards usually describe whom exactly the brides are inviting and asking again in order to take someone else is a sign of disrespect.

    Before ordering such sets, make a list of all guests. You need to know the exact number of people who, according to the plan, should come to the celebration.

    Write in the invitation how exactly you expect to receive a response.

    After getting feedback from everyone, you will get a clear picture of how many people you will have at your wedding. And you can go ahead with your plans.

    Wedding and rsvp invitations can be supplemented with a question about the need for guests to provide them with the opportunity to get to the place of celebration. This will be an additional gesture of respect, especially if the guests are elderly.

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