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White wedding invitation: a classic that will surprise you with elegance!

White wedding invitations can rightfully be called a classic and a win-win option. Even if the celebration itself is decorated in a different style or combines shades of different colours, white wedding invitations will easily fit into the overall picture of the celebration.

Moreover, it is the colour which is the most associated with wedding treasure, which means it gives guests and the newlyweds themselves unforgettable moments of quivering pre-wedding excitement.

Classic white wedding invitations: versatile option for any occasion

No matter what colour is chosen as the main one for decorating the wedding celebration, white wedding invitations will be harmonious in any picture. There are several reasons for this:

  • Monochromatic options go well with any colour, and you can see this already at the postcard design stage. Decorating elements or real foil will look harmonious and elegant, as befits a classic.
  • Association with the bride's dress. Simple white wedding invitations will remind you of the hero of the occasion, her whimsical outfit in any of the possible shades - from cold “snowy” to pale pink or ivory.
  • And in general - it is a white invitation card, like in no other colour version, that will remind already married guests of their special day in their life, and single ones - it will give hope and anticipation of the long-awaited day.

Why Pietra Paper Design?

If you were looking for white UK wedding invitations of excellent quality at an affordable price - welcome to our catalogue! Here you will find full kits that cannot be found in other companies.

Real foil, individual design, the printing of the quantity you need and delivery to any corner of the world - this is not all that you get when ordering white invitations for your wedding guests from us!

We work with each customer individually. Or we follow what you have already chosen from the products presented in the catalogue. The volume of text, font, decor elements - all this is negotiated individually. If you do not have your own ideas, our designers will be happy to help you decide on the choice of design, colour and size.

Wedding invitation white from Pietra Paper Design: a modern classic that you will fall in love with!