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Designer wedding invitations and various event invitations!

What is a perfect wedding? This is an event in which there are no trifles in the preparation.

The incomparable feeling of happiness you feel because you are getting married to the person with whom you are in unconditional love and share a future gives you the wish to make your celebration special and unforgettable. Thus, every detail in the process of preparation needs to be thought through including exclusive wedding invitations for your special day!

Pietra Paper Design offers various invitations for different occasions in a variety of styles and designs. We would like to bring your attention to the following postcards we may offer except for wedding invitations:

Save the date - tell your guests about the planned event so that they accurate their plans and come to the party for sure;
Greeting cards - an amazingly beautiful way to congratulate on any important event in life.
Birthday invitation - a stylish invitation card for a birthday party.
Baby shower - invite friends to share with you the joy of future parenthood.
Thank you cards - thank the person who is dear to your heart.
Bridesmaid's cards – let your twin souls that it is time to be bridesmaids standing with you on your special day.
Your friends and family will be quite happy to receive these amazing cards for an essential event.

Why is it important to order wedding invitations?

Invitation cards are not just pretty postcards. You send them to relatives, friends, and acquaintances to inform them about an important decision you made, which is about the creation of a family. Make them beautiful! Let your loved ones feel your emotions. As an invitation in a beautiful envelope will be in their hands, people will immediately understand something incredible is being planned to amaze them.

Unique wedding invitations are a reflection of your character and the spirit of the upcoming event. We do not accept template solutions and develop the design individually, because we understand that the invitation has every chance of becoming a family heirloom and taking pride of place in the box of memories, someone close to you will probably want to keep it. Yes, and a wedding usually happens once or twice in a lifetime, to deny yourself the pleasure of celebrating it beautifully is simply unacceptable. Start with unique invitations to make your special day more remarkable!

How to choose a wedding card design

Examples of wedding invitations in the UK are available for viewing in our catalogue. Exclusive design, thick paper, elegant and soft vellum translucent paper, and original foil make them look completely unique. It is possible to print any pictures: photographs, floral ornaments, with beautiful font compositions. Envelopes are included in the price of wedding invitations.

In order to make sure that you are choosing the right option, decide on the concept of the event and order a set of wedding invitations designed in the same style and colors. No matter if your desire minimalistic or exquisite earbuds, small or large, there are no limits for us to make them for you. Our designers will offer a stylish solution that will surely please you.

Our advantages

To describe custom wedding invitation printing in one phrase, it would be “the best value for money on the market”. See for yourself, our printing is impeccable!

Wedding invitation card can be printed on the following materials:

Vellum translucent tracing paper, density 220 g/m².
Photo paper, density 350g/m².
High-quality designer plike paper 350g/m².
Acrylic 1 mm. + soft touch paper, density 330g/m².
An utmost element in the design is an original foil. This is a solemn decoration. It is very pleasant to hold it in your hands. It is easy to customize an order: different shades of envelopes, bows, and wax seals are available on the website. Create the perfect composition. We offer to order luxurious wedding invitations online. Card size:

4x6 inches (104 mm x 152 mm);
5x7 inches (121 mm x 171 mm).
3.5 x 4.7 inches (90 mm x 120 mm).
It is quite easy and convenient to place an order in the wedding invitation store. Just follow a few simple steps:

1. Choose the set you like.
2. Go to the `"Personalization`" tab, fill in all the empty lines.
3. Enter the names and addresses of invitees into a Word or PDF text document and email it to printing@pietrapaperdesign.com.
4. Get a digital sample of your designer wedding invitations/or just invitations for a certain event the next day. Read the text carefully several times to make sure that there are no errors or typos. After agreeing on the sample, the company is not responsible for errors in the text, names and addresses of guests.
5. Expect your invitations to be delivered.
It will take 2-3 weeks to process and fulfil one order.

Delivery within the UK is 2-3 days with DPD UK.

Worldwide delivery is 4-5 days with DHL Express. It's fast and safe.

To order wedding invitations means making the event more special. This is a detail that will inform your friends and family about the intention to get married, hinting at the style of the upcoming celebration. Let this event be remembered as flawlessly organized for you and your guests!