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Dusty blue wedding invitations are what sets the tone for the whole celebration.

Guests will get the first impression of your holiday by receiving dusty blue wedding invitations. The beautiful design of the postcard will create an atmosphere of anticipation of the celebration for both the newlyweds and the guests. Therefore, it is not worth ignoring such an important stage of preparation.

Envelopes for wedding invitations in dusty blue color can be sealed with a wax seal with an ornament. Printing is done on thick cardstock or transparent acrylic with gold embossing. It looks especially chic.

Rules for filling out invitation cards.

Before ordering dusty blue wedding invitations, it's worth learning a little more about the rules for filling out such cards.

An individual approach to each guest is very important, understanding which audience will be present. If there will be guests mainly from your friends, then you can arrange it in a more relaxed form. For visitors of respectable age, the style should be more kept within strict limits with a respectful text. The dusty blue color of the postcards will look beautiful in any of the options.

The event's timing is usually written on the accompanying card. So that each guest can navigate by time and not linger. Usually the time of the painting, the wedding, the beginning of the banquet is indicated. If guests are expected before the painting of the house at one of the young, it is worth writing about it with an indication of the time and address.

The number of guests is also indicated on the invitations. Invite one person or with the other partner, is it possible to take the children with you. The program of the event may not include rooms for small children. That's why it's important.

Dusty blue invitations are used to inform guests about a possible dress code. Then your wedding will be held in the perfect color scheme and in the same style.

Do not forget that in the first line of invitations write the name of the bride, and then the groom. This is an unspoken etiquette that must be observed. When filling out postcards, use respectful words and a sincere attitude. You do not need to sign the invitation. Enough of the names of the young.

When to send a wedding invitation?

Wedding invitations of dusty blue color, like any other, are important to send to the guests on time. First, agree on the exact date of the event, so that you do not have to change it in ready-made cards.

When the date is approved, invitations should be sent out a month or two in advance, so that guests can plan their actions and reschedule things if they fall on the wedding date. It makes no sense to send it too early, because many factors can affect the date of the event and the information loses relevance.

You can order an invitation set on our website. There are dusty blue invitations of different styles and shapes. You make an order in a special form, where you choose the size, material, number of cards and color of cardstock, wax seal.

Also fill in the fields for the text that you need to fill in the invitations. After payment of the order, the execution period is 2-3 weeks and after approval of the design and text, the delivery service will deliver it to the specified address.

Dusty blue wedding invitations in the UK can be received within 2-3 business days from after distich date, thanks to home delivery with the help of DPD UK and DHL Express.