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Vintage wedding invitation - something that will never go out of style.

History will not be forgotten. Therefore, wedding invitations and designs in vintage style are very popular with brides. Vintage wedding invitations are a frequent order in our company as well.

Everything that was fashionable a century ago is still relevant today. Celebrations of the style of the 20s or 50s of the twentieth century were at the peak of glory. Why do you think so many people love them so much? Because it reminds us of history, valued traditions and the feeling of familiarity. This design is loved especially by couples who honour the traditions of their family, have refined taste, and like antiques. Sincerity and candour are reflected in all the details of the organization of the wedding, including the vintage wedding invitation. There are other things which may characterise the features of the vintage wedding style and they are pastel colours, antiques, books, records, mirrors, paintings, suitcases, and cameras. The bride and guests wear pearl jewellery, clothes with lace, and brooches which lead to the real atmosphere of the past times. Retro music plays in the background live or on a record, or reel. After all, every single detail matters.

Vintage wedding invitations.

Wedding vintage invitations are also not easy to create. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. So that guests, having received an invitation, immediately plunge into the atmosphere of the last century, hats, gloves, and retro cars. Old-soul people do understand this!

Vintage-style wedding invitation is created on premium craft paper. The card is decorated with artsy monograms, frames, and an old font with fancy patterns. It looks like it was brought to you straight from the museum and a valuable exhibit is in your hands.

In the postcard for clarification, you should definitely indicate what style will be for the upcoming celebration, and ask guests to support the dress code. We think that everyone will like the final result and not only gorgeous photos, but also cool videos will remain in long-lasting memories.

Sometimes vintage wedding invitations are decorated with a small bouquet of dried flowers. Because the celebration must sink in a sea of ​​flowers. And also, postcards are decorated with lace, similar to those with which ladies decorated their dresses in the 20s of the last centuries. A wax seal in this case will be quite matched. You can choose a print ornament, or print colour that matches the overall style.

For more details, please visit our website pietrapaperdesign.com and check out the range of invitations and cards. Vintage wedding invitations in the UK are created with the usual fidelity to the traditions of the British. The design and packaging, as well as the decor, are thought up to the smallest detail. If you want to create personalised vintage wedding invitations, then our designer will take into account your wishes and create a layout just for you.

Such an original and beautiful invitation for guests to remember! Because the design, which corresponds to the fashion of the twentieth century, will not leave anyone inattentive. Layout development takes 2-3 weeks. Please take this into account when planning.

Order a set of vintage wedding invitations in advance so that you have time to agree on all the details and create cards the way you dreamed of.