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Greenery wedding invitations

There are joyful events in life that you want to share with someone: invite friends, relatives and just close people. One of these is a wedding. Preparation for such an event begins with the printing of invitation cards. That is why the bride and groom pay so much attention to the choice of design. A greenery wedding invitation is the best solution to surprise guests.

Why are greenery wedding invitations so popular?

They will create the atmosphere of a future wedding, which will surely have a lot of flowers and green decorations. This shade symbolizes the beginning of a new life, freshness and tranquility. Thanks to the touching and cute green foliage wedding invitations, which we will arrange with our soul, guests will understand that they are loved and expected at an important event.

You can choose the postcard option from the prepared templates or order the production according to an individual design, which will only be yours. Any of your fantasies will be realized by the designers of the printing studio pietrapaperdesign.com .

An invitation to a wedding with rustic greenery can be decorated with real foil. The card will sparkle festively. Foil highlights foliage on wedding invitations, text or frame.

Even the simplest greenery wedding invitations will look exquisite if signed in a beautiful font and packed in a stylish envelope with a wax seal.

Greenery invitations, can be made:

  • on different types of paper or cardstock;
  • with a matte or glossy surface;
  • with a card size of 4x6 or 5x7 inches, for individual size.

Envelopes can be selected in different colors with or without a wax seal. The color of the wax seal can also be selected.

The foliage on wedding invitations and the cards themselves can be different, depending on the scale and style of the wedding. We will help you with the choice of design, materials and decor. Our designers will listen to any of your wishes.

Why you should choose us?

Our studio has the best quality and price on the market. We manufacture products from premium, designer materials and real foil. The paper density we use is 230-240 mg. It's like a thick postcard. Competitors have rustic greenery wedding invitations twice as thin, up to 140 mg.

On the website you can see examples of our works, choose materials, decor and order an individual design. You can also buy finished products at a low price. Shipping worldwide.

Processing and production of the order takes 2-3 weeks. Worldwide delivery 4-5 days with DHL, to the UK 2-3 days with DPD UK.

Order a greenery wedding invite in our shop and do not worry about the result. We will pleasantly surprise you with the quality of manufacture, the style of the postcard and packaging.