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Gray wedding invitations: for people with a sense of style and unlimited imagination!

It would seem that grey invitations are clearly not an option for such a solemn and full of colours and emotions day as a wedding celebration. But in fact, it is. This color that gives unlimited space for fantasies! And both the newlyweds and their relatives. After all, who said that it is the bride and groom who should order invitations? Anyone from friends or relatives can order invites, thereby providing the young and their guests with an unforgettable gift. And for the future husband and wife - also saving the already common family budget.

What kind of wedding is a gray wedding invitation suitable for?

In short - for anyone! Regardless of the overall color scheme of the design, the chosen style, the place of celebration and the number of guests. For example, it can be a celebration:

  • Traditional, in a classic white color scheme. The color is close to white, so it is able to evoke the corresponding associations. By the way, even the most elegant bridesmaid dresses have a gray shade if a fabric with sequins or rhinestones of the appropriate color is chosen.
  • Creative. For example, in a gangster or medieval style. In this case, a gray wedding invitation will be the most suitable option, combining modern quality and craft elements of the uniqueness of the chosen era.
  • Mixed styles. Of course, modern designers insist on the popularity of the monochrome decoration of the celebration, choosing bright and at the same time already classic tones. But only the young decide in what atmosphere they would like to celebrate the birth of their family. And in this regard, invitation cards in gray are a universal solution for any wedding.

Pietra Paper Design: an individual solution for your holiday!

If you were looking for gray wedding invitations in the UK, then we have some good news for you at once!

  • We know how to make high-quality invitation cards. The density of the paper we use is 230-240 mg, while competitors offer only 140 mg.
  • Our prices will please you with flexibility (especially if you take into account the offered quality of products).
  • You can order delivery not only within the UK, but also to any corner of the world.

Of course, the design and printing of gray wedding invites are carried out individually, after agreement with the customer. See for yourself - truly royal pleasure!