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Boho wedding invites are a reflection of an entire era.

Boho wedding invitations match the name. It's chic, short for the word bohemian. A combination of bohemia and hippy philosophy of freedom. The origin of this style dates back to the 15th century from Gypsies who came from Bohemia to France, who were called Bohemians.

Boho at a wedding is when the bride is in a wedding dress and boots. When the groom is in an ordinary outfit, but with a hat with a wide brim. This is a stylization for stylish, creative, extraordinary natures.

The direction became fashionable at the beginning of the 2000s and it was liked so much that its position in the wedding industry is still strong. This is a challenge to the classics, pretentiousness, glamour. Wedding invitations boho style will differ from the usual vintage, ethnic elements. Free, light, slightly reckless design is very popular with customers.

A characteristic feature of the style is a mixture of oriental curls, plant images, feathers, bows, a riot of colors, a multi-layered structure of boho wedding invitation cards. Gilding or foil coating of individual image details is also common.

If your wedding guests like this stylization, then the invitations will harmoniously fit into the overall concept. The spirit of hippie freedom, an easy relaxed atmosphere are guaranteed.

Boho wedding invitations in the UK are very much loved. Many couples choose this style for inviting guests. Exquisite ornament, beautiful design, packaging attract newlyweds and reflect their youth, free views.

Offers from PietraPaperDesign Printing Studio:

Cheap boho wedding invitations can be purchased on our website. You can order a luxurious set on high-density black soft paper or in a palette of burgundy and pink with peonies and roses. There is a set of nude palette with a chic floral print and gilding or a luxurious invitation on blue cardboard with silver embossing. All the best samples are presented on the website page.

You can choose the color of cardstock, envelope, and foil for embossing. There is a palette of colors for each of the sets.

If cool boho wedding invites don't seem original enough to you, you can order the development of an individual design of invitations.

Real fans of their business work in our company. The designer will be happy to take up your order and provide the best design option for your request.

The production period is 2-3 weeks, after that you will receive your best guest invitation kits. This style will definitely surprise everyone, will endear you to a relaxed atmosphere at the wedding.

Boho style wedding invitations can be delivered worldwide thanks to DPD UK and DHL Express. Delivery in the UK takes 2-3 business days, to other countries 4-5 business days.