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Photo Wedding Invitations.

Ordering photo wedding invitation is a great idea if you want to make the celebration special. An invitation card cannot be a template, because it is not a formality, but a beautiful detail that is needed to inform relatives, friends and acquaintances: two loving hearts have found each other and decided to become a family.

Tell about this decision beautifully.

Invitation cards with photos: features to keep in mind

Wedding invitation with picture looks very aesthetically pleasing, it's really a unique thing. You send the picture yourself, which means that this will only happen at your wedding and no other. Luxurious? Of course!

What does a wedding invitation with a couple's photo look like? See the examples in the catalog. This is a beautiful envelope made of thick paper, and inside it:

  • your photo (colored or black and white), we print on thick photo paper 350 g/m2;
  • acrylic or vellum with an overlay of real foil.

    Please note that the shade of the finished cards may differ from the photo you see on the screen. We print images in CMYK format, but we are not responsible for the quality of the images presented, especially if they were processed in graphic editors. Our designers are not engaged in color correction of the source file. We use the latest generation of printers.

    The color of the envelope, bow and wax seal, as well as its shape and design are at the customer's choice. We will print any of your wishes!

    How to place an order?

    You need to order the printing of a picture on a wedding invitation no later than 2-3 weeks before the expected mailing date. It is very easy to cooperate with us:

    1. Choose the invitation card option that you like.
    2. Personalize it: specify the appropriate size, orientation, color of the envelope and bow, select printing.
    3. Fill in all the empty fields in the order form.
    4. Enter the addresses of the guests in a text document and send it to the email address printing@pietrapaperdesign.com .
    5. Get the visualization and make edits or approve the final version.

    Please be careful! After approval, we are not responsible for errors and typos.

    Photo card  invitation is in any countries. Delivery in the UK is carried out by DPD UK, for a period of two to three days, worldwide by DHL express, delivery is four to five days.

    Pay special attention to the details, they set the mood of the holiday!