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Quinceanera Invitations with Photo

Holidays have existed for as long as human civilization. People have always tried to celebrate what they considered important and worthy of attention. In Latin American countries, as well as in Mexico, there is a special tradition – the celebration of Quinceanera – the fifteenth birthday of a girl, marking her entry to adulthood.

A few words about the quince holiday and photo invitations.

If not everyone, then many future women dream of a celebration in honor of the 15th birthday. This is one of the most important days in life, which must certainly be memorable. Shortly before the memorable event, family and relatives receive quinceanera invitations with pictures, embossing, drawings or other decor. The cards indicate the place and time of the celebration. The guests are preparing to celebrate no less than the hero of the occasion. Men are sure to buy roses, which they give to the girl when her father solemnly introduces her by the arm to the hall, where close people and family friends are waiting for her.

Quinceanera invitations with photo, in fact, become a mini-presentation of the future event and make his expectation even more tremulous and pleasant.

Ordering cards for quince with photos

Most American and Mexican families, shortly before the holiday, necessarily order quinceanera invitations with picture of the family, or a picture of the star of the occasion. This can be easily explained by the following reasons:

The presentation of quinceanera invitation with photo or other decorations gives the future celebration of solemnity and officiousness;

The organizers of the celebration know exactly the number of guests, because those who were given quince invitations with picture and an indication of the time and place of the event will certainly notify the girl's family if they cannot attend;

Many girls order photo quinceanera invitations, because then they plan to keep these postcards as a memory, as well as pictures taken during the celebration;

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