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Unique Save the Date: black invitations made with thick paper.

The couple that is about to get married always puts in maximum effort to surprise the guests and to make this traditional celebration a real sensation. Pietra Paper Design offers something, that will wow the guests long before the celebration. Save the date cards in the black and gold colourway, made from high-quality thick paper and pressed with real foil. 

Black save the date – is it truly suitable for the wedding? 

In many countries, black color is associated with strict, everyday life and sometimes with grief. White is usually considered to be the color of weddings.

Black color – best contrast to light shades, traditional wedding clothing choices of the bride and the groom proves that.

This is why black save the date – a unique, practical and contrasting decision when we talk about weddings. On a darker background, light text is very easy to read, and with the help of real foil, it becomes a true masterpiece of printing. The most eye-catching combination is black save the date with gold foil, but other colorways are not less stunning.

The same style could be brought forward to the design of your wedding invitations, as well as the guest’s name cards for the tables.

Personalized black Save the dates: what to look out for when choosing?

When choosing your black save the date cards, look out for:

The thickness of the paper makes a crucial difference in the way the card looks. Usually, other companies use 300 gsm paper, but Pietra Paper Design only prints on 350 gsm paper. This allows to get the best quality, which is a pleasure to touch and will last through all the shipping to you and then to your guests.

The orientation and placement of the text. On our website, these can be chosen online. Black save the date looks good in any variation (horizontal/vertical), with light fonts.

Any additional accessories? Let your imagination flow. However, if you got any issues or do not have enough time – our experts are always there to help.

Delivery time. It is essential that you and your guests receive your black-gold save the dates on time. This is why getting your invites should be made a priority. On our side, we will deliver them to you within 3 business days in the UK and 10 business days worldwide.