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Foiled 18th Birthday invitations

Celebrating each birthday means celebrating a life, by adding one more year which is full of hopes, adventures, dreams and wishes to bring to your life and being thankful for what you achieved until this moment. Turning 18 is associated with millions of emotions and celebrations. It transforms the individual from a teenager to an adult, and the person is legally eligible to make his own life decisions. When we step into the 18th, we are expected to be more mature and sensible in making decisions and taking on many responsibilities. Turning eighteen means having more fun in life and enjoying the colors of the rainbow with our thoughts and winds.

Your little prince or princess is all set up to turn eighteen so soon and you would like to make his/her day a memorable event in their life? Then, you are in the right place to take the first steps to do so. Pietra Paper Design offers quite fabulous vellum 18th Birthday invitations to cherish these lovely moments with close friends and family members. Birthdays are special and so are the people without whose presence your birthday party feels incomplete. Thus, making invitations is one of the priorities which should be made initially in most people’s to-do list. Because they are your ambassadors who carry the big call to the recipients about the grand celebration, therefore, you need to approach them with tender since they speak on behalf of you by giving a first vibe about the upcoming event. Foiled 18th Birthday invitations deliver your warm message to your guests in a very delicate way with an elegant look. 

Important features of vellum invitations for 18th Birthday party in Pietra Paper Design

Beautiful design. Making invitations requires creativity as each invitation is for an individual party and with individual preferences of a person. Thus, our designers are never tired of making designs for invitations based on the customers' wishes by being attentive to each single detail. As you purchase vellum invites for 18th birthday anthem you will be provided with digital samples of the invitation on which you can request amendments unless you think the design is ready to print.

Availability of several colors. We are not limited to one color of envelopes, foil and cardstock. We offer various color of envelopes, foil and cardstock. You can pick each item in corresponding colors to match them with each other and of course to the event color scheme. 

Quality service and products at affordable prices. Whatever design is chosen, as a result, you will receive high-quality cards made of paper with a density of 230-240 mg. High–quality foil printing also gives a fascinating look to the invitations no matter if the chosen material is vellum, acrylic or just white matte cards. You will never be forgotten by our team for long hours, fast replies to any of your questions will make you happy!

Customization. We do not make 18th Birthday invites in one existing frame; Pietra Paper Design is ready to customize your cards to step out of the same standard frame to bring unique invitations to the birthday hero! 

Delivery process. No matter where you live, Pietra Paper Design is ready to get the foiled 18th birthday invitations to you. Whether you prefer to receive your invitations with expedited shipping or by the timeline, we have both options to please your needs! 

Let your guests know with these fabulous vellum invites for your 18th birthday that you are cutting your eighteenth cake soon and you cannot celebrate your special day without your dear ones' blessings and presence!