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Elegant Quinceanera Invitations

Holidays are a special part of life and something that brightens up the dullness of everyday life. Each significant event requires a special, individual approach and appropriate entourage. One of the most important celebrations is the quinceanera – a holiday that every young girl is looking forward to. Of course, quinceanera elegant invitations will become the “face" of the future celebration, which means that the order process should be approached responsibly and seriously.

What is Quinceanera?

Quinceanera or shortly quince is a celebration of the fifteenth anniversary. In Cuba and Latin America, this is how the transformation of a girl into a woman is celebrated, that is, the transformation of a teenager into a young lady.

The culprit of the celebration in Mexico is called a quinceanera. This term is of Spanish origin and consists of 2 words: "quince", that is, "fifteen" and "años" - "age" or "years".

By tradition, on the day of the 15th anniversary of the girl, the whole family gathers, having previously sent elegant quinceanera invitations to the guests. The birthday girl, smartly dressed, is walked by her father into the hall or room where her mother, grandparents, sisters, brothers and other relatives are waiting. From that moment on, she is considered an adult, although by law she is not yet an adult.

Why do we need elegant invitations to quinceanera?

In order for the celebration to be truly solemn and memorable, it is worth preparing for it accordingly. And I must say that there are no trifles in this matter. Such a detail as stylish, quinceanera elegant invitations will delicately remind the invitees of the future holiday and allow them to prepare for it in advance: choose an outfit, buy a gift and think over a congratulatory speech.

For a family that organizes an elegant celebration, sending quince invitations is useful because it makes it possible to clearly know the number of guests. Having received an elegant card, but not being able to attend the holiday, the invitees will surely inform about that.

Selection and ordering of elegant quince invitations

Choosing truly elegant quinceanera invitations, you need to consider a lot. In particular:

The design style and color solutions of the celebration (it is good that the design of the postcards coincides with the color scheme of the quince);

Personal preferences of the star of the occasion (perhaps the girl wants to see flowers on the cards, or her photo).

On our website, you can order elegant invitations for quinceanera by choosing one of the available design options, or by ordering the printing of your own picture, design or decor. Cards are embossed, elegant unique pattern or other decorations are designed according to the individual wishes of the client and will certainly create a festive mood for everyone who receives them.