5'x7' Pale Grey Envelopes
C6 Pale Grey Envelopes
C7 Pale Grey Envelopes
5'x7' Ivory Envelopes
C6 Ivory Envelopes
C7 Ivory Envelopes
5'x7' Black Envelopes
C6 Black Envelopes
C7 Black Envelopes
5'x7' Rose Gold Envelopes
C6 Rose Gold Envelopes
C7 Rose Gold Envelopes
5'x7' Navy Blue Envelopes
C6 Navy Blue Envelopes
C7 Navy Blue Envelopes
5'x7' Salmon Envelopes

Category description

Please find our selection of extras to create not only a beautiful looking set, but also a practical one! 

This category will help you forget the worries of ‘Oh how do I get them to stay together’ ,’Omg! where do we find the right sized envelopes???’ ,‘ Calligraphy is so hard, I wish it was already written…’