Who to invite to the bachelorette party?

Who to invite to the bachelorette party?

The pre-wedding celebration that allows guests and hosts to have maximum fun is the bachelorette party. That’s the day when the bride gets to spend quality time with her closest friends. Depending on your work schedule, you can invite your dear ones to join you for a night filled with excitement or to spend a weekend with you and take part in mischievous and adventurous activities. 

Usually, the bride doesn’t do much to plan the event. The only duty she has is preparing a list of people she wants to see at the party. The rest is typically done by her friends, siblings, and cousins. They are the ones who do all the brainstorming regarding how to plan a bachelorette party on a budget, which venue to pick, what food to serve, etc. 

If you are the bride, you must understand that there are certain people you cannot miss inviting to your bachelorette party. The section below will help you to decide who to invite for this pre-wedding festivity. 

Create a Guest List

According to expert wedding planners, a bachelorette party is an event organized to allow the bride to spend some memorable time with her bridesmaids. Other than those individuals, she should also consider inviting her closest family members and friends. The list can get longer depending on what kind of celebrations you are looking for. 

Find some time to sit and speak to the individuals hosting and planning the event. Inform them about the ideas you have in your mind. This will make it easier for them to plan a bachelorette party that will make you happy. For instance, if you want to go for a weekend trip along with your dear ones, the people planning the event will have to gather enough knowledge about how to plan a destination bachelorette party to organize something exciting. 

The bachelorette party should be an event featuring people with whom the bride feels comfortable. So, if you want to have maximum fun during the event, you must not hesitate to inform the bridesmaids about the people you don’t want to see at the event venue. You can do this without being rude or naming anyone in particular. Just create a guest list and tell your bridesmaid and this should be the list they should stick to. 

Does the bachelorette getaway picked by you match the faith of all your dear friends? Whenever there’s a contradiction, you should exclude him or her from the list of invitees. This will prevent you and your friend from facing several awkward situations during the event. You can explain the reasons for the exclusion to that friend in person later depending on the kind of relationship you two share. There are high chances that the person will appreciate your views once he/she learns what exactly prompted you to make such a decision. 

Another thing you must keep in mind when preparing the guest list for the party is that it shouldn’t include anyone who is not invited to the main event i.e., the wedding. That’s because such a situation can be pretty embarrassing for you both. 

Invite Family Members

Once you know how to plan a bachelorette party weekend or night, you must decide whether the event would match the taste of your family members. If you enjoy great relationships with your mom, grandmom, aunt, etc., you can add their names to the guest list. 

The only question you must ask when doing so is whether these individuals will be comfortable observing the actions at the bachelorette. For instance, if you have plans of getting drunk and talking silly with your girlfriends during the event, it wouldn’t be a wise decision to invite those senior ladies to the party. Such parties shouldn’t have anyone else as guests besides your besties and sisters or cousins with whom you can share your deepest secrets. On the contrary, if you and your friends are spending a revitalizing afternoon at a winery or spending a day at the spa, including your aunts and mom would be a great idea. 

There’s nothing to be sad about excluding the senior members from the guest list of your bachelorette party. You will have a series of pre-wedding festivities besides the bachelorette party for inviting all your loved ones irrespective of their age and gender. Examples include showers and brunches. 

Do I Have to Send Out a Printed Bachelorette Party Invitation?

The bachelorette party is a fun event and is attended by people closest to the bride. So, there’s nothing formal about the celebration or bachelorette invitation. You can invite people in whichever way you want. Sending a formal bachelorette party invitation is not necessary on most occasions. The host can simply send out invites via email. You can also invite the guests by calling them individually.
Whatever your bachelorette invitation ideas may be, the only thing you must ensure is that the guests get to know about the event well in advance. This is even more important if it’s an event that will run for a couple of days (or more). Knowing the dates in advance will allow your guests to prepare their schedules accordingly. 

If you have the budget, it would be a good idea to send printed invites via mail. This action of yours will stand as the testimony of your expenses and efforts. Additionally, such invites are difficult to ignore. So, even people living far away from the venue of the event will try their best to attend it. 

If your budget doesn’t allow you to print invites, you can send out digital invites via email and couple them up by making phone calls to each of your guests. This action will also show your effort and make the invitees believe that they are extremely special to the bride. 

Irrespective of the kind of bachelorette party invitation ideas you pick, you must be extra careful about the content of the invite. The wording for bachelorette invitation must make the guests feel desired. What’s more, the content of the invite must include every minute detail including the name and address of the venue, the timings, the theme of the party if any, etc. If you are not confident about writing the invites, you can seek professional help from writers. 

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