How to invite celebrities to your wedding?

How to invite celebrities to your wedding?

Do you want to make your wedding even more special not just for you two but also for every guest arriving for the event? If yes, do consider inviting some high-profile guests. What’s more, with a little planning, you can even get to host some of them at the wedding venue. There are instances when big names like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Bon Jovi have attended their fans’ weddings. 

It’s unlikely that every celebrity receiving your wedding invite will attend the nuptials. However, if you are lucky, you might get replies from them, which can be mementos you and your spouse will love to keep. Are you wondering which celebrity to invite? You can pick the ones who have played crucial roles in shaping your love story (this can be through their creations, things they have said during interviews, and more) or have been the biggest crush you (or your spouse) have ever had. 

List of Celebrity Email Addresses for Sending Wedding Invitations

How to invite a celebrity to your wedding? You can send wedding invites to your favorite celebrities by post or via email. This should make you wonder how you can get the contact information of these special people. 

You can begin by visiting the official website and fan page of the celebrities you want to invite. At times, celebrities list their contact information on these platforms. However, it’s unlikely that you will get the mailing address of the celebrities there. These platforms mostly have email addresses and phone numbers meant for business communications. Getting the email address should be enough for those wondering how to send a wedding invitation to celebrities

You can also consider visiting the Facebook, Instagram, or Myspace pages of the celebrities. Those pages also often feature the contact information of these individuals. When it comes to Facebook, you might not view any information on the page if you are not on the friend list of the celebrity. In such cases, you must send a friend request well in advance. 

If you don’t find the contact info on the social media pages of your favorite celebrities, send a private message asking them politely to share their contact information. Don’t forget to mention the reason why you are looking for it. This will increase your chances of getting the required details. 

You and your spouse should be the ones deciding what celebrities to invite to your wedding. Other than inviting your favorites, you can also invite some living legends who used to be the favorites of your parents. 

Now that you know how to invite celebrities to your wedding, you must also understand that you will need to pay a certain amount for making a celebrity attend your wedding. So, before you send out invites, review your wedding budget. 

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