How to politely decline a wedding invitation?

How to politely decline a wedding invitation?

Have you just received a wedding invitation but you know you won't be able to attend? Or perhaps you just don’t want to? Whatever it is, knowing how to politely decline a wedding invitation is a social skill to master. You may get lots of invites to attend social events but it may not be possible to attend all of them. For whatever reason, knowing the correct way to decline is a good thing.

When you can’t make it to a wedding, you also don’t want to upset the couple who invited you there. You don’t want the relationship to turn into a negative one because of your inability to attend. But you have to deal with it because unless you let the couple know, they are going to have to end up paying for your seat at the table.

This article talks about what to do.

Reasons to decline a wedding invitation

There can be so many.

Shortage of Money: This has to be one of the most common reasons why people decline wedding invitations. Knowing how to decline the wedding invitation of a close friend because of money is important. If you are struggling with debt or a house mortgage, then attending a friend’s destination wedding at a far-off location can be too much. You don’t want that added financial stress and hence you want to decline.

Busy: Another reason people decline invitations to weddings is if they already have something lined up on the day. If a wedding is held during a particularly busy season at work, it can make people decline the invite.

Strained Relationship: Sometimes people get invites from those they don’t have a good relationship. It is perfectly okay to decline the invite if you don’t feel comfortable going. 

How to Do It?

Whether it is about how to decline a wedding invitation of a family member or a friend, it is all about keeping things polite and cheery. Here are some pointers to remember:

No need to Lecture: Too many people are good at lecturing. If you feel that couples should be having a big wedding because of CVOID-19, keep your thoughts to yourself. There is no need to mention it when you decline the invite. It is them getting married and it is their prerogative how they get married.

Show Some Empathy: A good how to decline a wedding invitation sample is to make sure there is some empathy. Letting the couple know that it can be a tricky time to be planning their wedding and that you understand their predicament. Doing it in a way where you show empathy while also declining the invite is about getting the wording right.

Celebration: If you are unable to attend the wedding of a family member, a sibling, or a close friend because some reason, asking them if you will be able to join in the celebration in an alternative way is a great idea. Ask if they can add you to a Zoom call where you will be able to see the wedding in real-time. Or you can ask them to send you a wedding video if possible. This allows them to understand that you truly regret not being able to come.

Examples of Polite Declines 

Some great how to decline a wedding invitation examples are as follows:

‘’I have concerns about my health and am keeping myself away from social gatherings for the time being. I regret not being able to attend your wedding.’’

‘’I know it must irk you that I am not able to attend your wedding but you know how it is with the season fully being on during that time. I am so sorry. Let’s celebrate when we meet.’’

‘’While attending your special day would have been wonderful, I am so sorry I won't be able to make it. I will be with you two in spirit and hope you have a wonderful time!’’

So the next time you get an invite for a wedding you won't be able to attend, make sure to get the wording right. It can make a huge difference to what the couple feels when they receive your RSVP.

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