What to write in a bachelorette invitation?

What to write in a bachelorette invitation?

Modern times have couples go for multiple pre-wedding events, and all of them are with the objective of enjoyment with friends and family. Out of such pre-wedding events, the bachelorette party has to be one of the most fun, so it is only right that the invitations that go out spell fun as well! This article talks about all the things you need to know about what to write on a bachelorette card.

Who Hosts the Bachelorette?

Anyone can host the bachelorette. It is usually the Maid of Honor who does this, but it can be one of the bridesmaids or a close family member or even the BFF of the bride-to-be. The invitations go out in the name of the bride though. So even if someone else is hosting the bachelorette, the invites go out formally from the would-be bride.

What to Write on a Bachelorette Party Card – Examples

If you are wondering what to write on a bachelorette card, there are so many fun things you can do. Here are just a few examples to put you in the right frame of mind:

Rhyme It Up

The easiest way to do it is to go for a rhyme. Go for a classic or something fresh.

‘’Kiss the miss goodbye
Buy her a shot, she’s tying the knot’’
‘’Last fling before the ring’’
‘’Champagne Campaign’’

Pun It Up

Choosing a pun for the bachelorette party invitation card is also a cool idea.

‘’Roped in forever’’
‘’Nacho average bachelorette party’’
‘’Wife of the party’’
‘’Wed, white, and boozed’’

Theme It Up

Another way to do it tie the invite with the theme of the bachelorette.

‘’Too hot to handle’’
‘’Aloha Beaches’’
‘’Vegas before vows’’
‘’Glamping with the girls’’

These are just a few of the bachelorette card sayings you can use. You can always use your imagination to create and word it differently.

Choosing a Bachelorette Invitation Card

Creating a bachelorette invitation card is not hard, but it is not easy either for someone who has never done it before. It always helps to have samples to use according to your discretion. While some brides don’t mind if their maid of honor is looking for what to write on a bachelorette card dirty, others enjoy a more classy wording.

Here are some pointers to help you:

1. Who Gets an Invite?

An important thing to decide is on the guest list for the bachelorette party. It is not just the bridal party who is supposed to be on the guest list. It may or may not include the bridal party. It may or may not include the bridesmaids, sisters and sisters-in-law, extended family members, mother and Mother-in-law, and any close friends of the bride. The person who is hosting the bachelorette should have a discussion with the bride regarding whom she wants to invite to the occasion.
It is best not to book anything before the RSVPs are received.

2. The Bride is the Most Important Person

For bachelorette cards, the bride should be the most important person and she should be mentioned properly. She is pretty much the star of the show and the reason for everyone coming together. So the invitation wording should be all about her.

3. Details

The bachelorette party card must include a few things such as when, where, and RSVP. When the bachelorette is being held and where it is being held is absolutely essential information for guests to have beforehand. Do follow this up with more information on address, transportation, and more that guests will require to reach the location.


Make sure guests know where they should confirm they are coming.
The bachelorette is certainly a time to have fun and enjoy the festivities that are coming up. It is literally the last hurrah before the bride’s big day. The invitations that will go out will play a role as in, they will let guests know the fun that is coming up. Use Pietra Paper Design to make sure you get your wedding invitation suite done on time. They have several designs for bachelorette invitation cards for you to use.

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