Difference between wedding escort cards and place cards

Difference between wedding escort cards and place cards

Deciding on the wedding seating chart is one of the biggest tasks you have to do while planning your wedding. While you may think that it was hard to do, the signage is equal, if not more important.

Dealing with everything to do with wedding signage is extremely crucial if you want to maintain visual continuity on your big day. The signage is an important part of the whole visual setting and hence deserves quite a bit of consideration. If you are thinking of wedding escort cards and place cards, this article will talk about the difference between the two and how you can use them at your wedding.

What Are Place Cards?

Knowing what are wedding escort cards will help you decide whether you need them or not. Place cards are specific in nature. They not only tell people where their table is but what their seat is. Such a card will direct guests to the table they should be seated at during the reception, and also the seat they will be sitting on.

An important thing to know about what are place cards for weddings is that if a couple wants to have a sit-down reception dinner, then most venues will require them to have place cards. This is because they will be required to subtly mark whether a guest should be served a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian meal. This will be done by using fonts or colors.

To make sure servers know what foods to serve each guest, place cards are crucial. They are also necessary to make sure that guests don’t have to guess where they should be sitting. It has already been decided so guests can simply find their seats and enjoy the reception.

What are Wedding Escort cards?

The next thing people usually want to know is what are wedding escort cards. They are more informal than place cards. They are used to direct wedding guests toward a particular table. Understand that escort cards are to direct guests to the particular table they should be seated at. Once they reach that table, they can decide on their own seats.

Know what are escort cards for the wedding because these are customarily placed right outside the reception venue so that guests can easily find them. With these, guests will know exactly which table they should be going to.

Buy both place cards and escort cards through your wedding invitation maker. They will cost you depending on what kind of calligraphy or design you have chosen.

Do I Really Need Both?

This is a common question for couples who are planning a wedding. This should clear your doubts.

While it is very true that you may decide to not want either escort cards or place cards at your wedding reception, most couples choose to have them for the simple management they make possible.

The problem with not having a place card or an escort card at your wedding is that your guests will be scattered around. Without any direction, they are going to sit wherever they want to. What’s more, they are likely to leave out a few seats at each table. This can be utterly confusing for servers. Also, having a few empty seats at each table does not make for good wedding photography.

What’s more when it comes to escort cards and place cards, if you don’t have any, it can mean the requirement for more chairs and tables and linen. This can cost you more money.

However, if it is a laid-back style wedding in an open space like a big yard where there is no dearth of chairs and tables, then you can absolutely do without place cards and escort cards. However, if it is any kind of sit-down or buffet-style dinner, then these cards can avoid all sorts of confusion.

Escort Card vs Place Cards

Let’s look at whether one is more important than the other.

The choice between a place card and escort cards is tilted towards escort cards due to their sheer greater necessity. Escort cards let people know which table they are being sat at. This keeps confusion at bay and people know exactly which part of the reception venue they should be headed to. When they reach their table, they can always sit down at any of the chairs available. However, since the table they will sit at has been pre-decided, there are no empty chairs left that can look visually jarring.

So if a couple were trying to decide between place cards vs escort cards, and could buy only one, then it is better that they went for escort cards. Of course, they could go for both place cards and escort cards as well, and many couples do, but it is not necessary.

So choose an escort card for the wedding reception if you need to choose, or go for both escort cards and place cards.

How to Choose Escort Cards and Place Cards

Some factors to keep in mind:

Design: The most important thing is that the design of these cards must be similar to the wedding aesthetic you are having. It should have a similar aesthetic to your wedding invitation card well.

Colour: Make sure to choose colors that go with the entire look of the wedding reception venue. This will create a continuity of appearance.

Size: Both escort and place cards are best kept small. They look better this way.

As you can see, both these cards have their place at wedding receptions. Both are different but have some similar features. It is up to you to decide whether you are going to choose one of them, or if you are going to totally forego them. When choosing a design, make sure to keep it classic and in a style that befits the kind of wedding you have planned. At Pietra Paper Design, get beautiful designs for both escort and place cards. They have high-quality materials and font styles to choose from.

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