Do you really need to send save-the-dates?

Do you really need to send save-the-dates?

Planning a wedding is not easy. One of the biggest hurdles couples face when planning for their wedding celebrations is choosing a suitable timeline for the biggest event of their life. The problem starts right from the time they start looking for dates for different prewedding milestones such as the engagement party, bachelorette, and so on. 

Anyone would want their family members, friends, and every other person holding an important place in their life to be present on the big day. This makes it extremely difficult for every soon-to-be-wedded individual to decide whether or not they should send “save the dates”. 

For your information, “save the dates” are sent to alert guests that they will soon receive invites for a wedding. Usually, these cards are sent out when the final date and venue of the wedding are fixed (this may occur before or after the engagement). However, sending out these alerts is not mandatory. What’s more, at times, sending them is not even necessary. 

This must force you to wonder whether you should spend your precious money and time to send save the dates to your guests. The discussion below will help you to decide. 

Should You Save Money on Save-The-Dates?

If the question, do you need to send save the dates, is bothering you, you should first find out whether you should save the money required for doing the same. 

The wedding is an expensive affair. There are areas in which you will not be able to save much. Examples include the wedding venue, catering services, wedding outfits, decorations, etc. So, you shouldn’t end up spending money on things that you and your future spouse can do without. 

Your wedding budget will increase if you decide to create and send save the dates. The amount will keep increasing depending on how many of them you are planning to send and how detailed the content of those cards will be. According to experts, your decision of sending save the dates can increase your wedding budget by several hundred dollars. These include expenses of designing the cards, printing them, and finally mailing them to various parts of the country (or the world). 

The above facts should make it easier for you to find out how far out to send save the dates. To be more precise, it’s something you can do without if your budget is not big enough. If you are ready to make your wedding a big, fat affair, you should not miss sending these cards. For the ones opting for a budget wedding, sending save the dates via emails would be a great alternative. 

Guests Know for Sure That They Are Invited

Do you need save the dates? Yes, doing so often turns out to be crucial. It’s easy to assume that everyone close to you, i.e., your family and friends will already know that they will be invited to the big day. However, you must understand that it’s unlikely that in this day and age, it’s difficult to predict whether or not one would be invited to a close one’s wedding until any confirmation is received. 

Making the guest list for a wedding is a tricky job. It’s even more difficult to guess who will be on the list and who will not. Sending save the dates to your extended and immediate family, friends, and everyone you want to witness your nuptials will allow them to start planning. 

You should be the one deciding how to do save the dates. You can send all by post, you send all via email, or can use both methods. 

Finalizing Your Guest List

Once you know that you will be sending save the dates, you will have to make a few quick decisions. First, find out how many people you will be inviting. You should make this decision depending on factors like your personal preference, the size of the venue, and last but not least your budget. Next, prepare the guest list. 

Once you complete the above steps, you must decide when do I send save the dates. Ideally, you must send it soon after you finish booking the venue of your wedding. 

Are you wondering what should save the dates say? The content can be as elaborate as you want. However, you can also keep it short if you want to spend less on printing. Just make sure, it mentions the date and venue of your wedding.

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