How to cancel a wedding guest invitation politely?

How to cancel a wedding guest invitation politely?

When you are least expecting it, life can throw you a curveball. Relationships change and times change as well. If you are getting married and have already invited people to it, then it can be stressful to cancel the invite.  

Unexpected things happen all the time. Be it the ongoing pandemic, natural disaster, or simply a change of circumstances that can make you want to or need to disinvite someone from your wedding. This article will talk about how to do it politely.

Be Very Mindful Of Your Guest List from The Start

This is the first thing to understand about how to politely decline a wedding invitation to disinvite someone. It is important to be very mindful about who you are putting on the guest right at the beginning. When doing something as necessary as your guest list, try to think hard about the people you would want to come. If there are budget restrictions that are suddenly placed your way, then it can be difficult to disinvite someone.

When you want to know how to disinvite someone from a wedding, you must ask yourself whether doing so is actually worth it. After doing so, it can be very hard for you to salvage the relationship. If the relationship has soured, it may be easier for you to grin and bear the existence of the person at your wedding, instead of going ahead and disinviting them.

If you are on the receiving end, and you think someone is going to disinvite you, you may want to want to know how to decline a wedding invitation gracefully. It is best to send a card letting the couple know that you wouldn’t be able to make it. If need be, give your reasons but it may not be necessary for you to do so.

Use Your Personal and Sincere Words

This is where being graceful comes up as important. Using words that are your own, personal and sincere is the best idea. A confrontation may not be something you are comfortable with to know how to cancel a wedding invitation politely is the best course of action.

If you feel like you need to salvage the relationship later on, then keeping the gates of communication open is important. If you have fallen out with a family member or a friend and are worried about disinviting them from your wedding, using your own words is the best thing to do. It is a good thing to do it personally than over the mail, or even by text. Talk to the person you want to disinvite over the phone or go to their house to do. Sometimes, having a heart-to-heart conversation is good and may even help you pave the way for progress.

Sometimes, things can reach a point where the person you are uncomfortable with declines the wedding invitation herself. While not ideal, it can help you be in the clear.

State the Reason

As the pandemic has taught us, unexpected things happen. There were so many couples who had to ditch their wedding plans when it first hit. It was terrible but it was actually easy to disinvite people when there was a pandemic going on. If you can’t put the pandemic situation as your excuse to disinvite people, you may want to state the reason to do so. Whether it is budget constraints, a mature conversation should always use adult words. 

There are so many reasons why people want to disinvite guests from their wedding. It is a sad thing and may be easily avoidable if couples thought about who they wanted to invite long and hard, but it is also okay to have second thoughts. So after you have used your brains thinking about whether it is actually going to be worth it to decline someone from coming to your wedding, be nice and let them know. 

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