Should you send a wedding invitation if someone can’t make it?

Why should you send a wedding invitation to someone you know can’t come?

It is almost impossible to choose a wedding date when each and everyone you want will be able to come. Whether it is a friend or a family member, there will always be people who may not be able to attend your wedding. It can be a bummer to know that people you love and would want to be there on your big day have commitments or problems they cannot possibly avoid. It can be a vacation that has already been planned or a meeting one just cannot avoid on the wedding day. Or the person may just not be in very good health. Question is, should you still send them a wedding invitation? This post will certainly explain.

A Wedding Invitation Is A Wonderful Keepsake

A wedding invite from someone who loves you dearly can be a beautiful keepsake. Sending them one is proper wedding invitation etiquette you need to follow, even when you know the person you have invited will not be able to make it. Think of it as your grandparents, who would do anything to be with you on your wedding day. But they can't make it because their health does not permit them to travel across the country. You can be assured that receiving an invite is going to be a happy moment for them.

If you want to know what to say on a wedding invitation, the answer can be found below:

Announcing you are getting married is the most important thing you must say. This includes the names of both the bride and the groom as well as when you are planning to get married.

The invite should also let guests know the time of the wedding.

It should include any other information you think is relevant.

It should ask the guests to come to the event.

When to mail a wedding invitation is another important consideration. The usual time couples choose is 6 to 8 weeks before D-Day.

A Wedding Invitation will Make Them Feel Not Forgotten

A wedding invitation etiquette about RSVP is that even when you know a guest will not be able to turn up, you send the invite. It is okay to have them decline their RSVP but it is your job that the people you would want to be at your wedding should all get an invite.

Many people wonder how to politely decline a wedding invitation. Well, the answer is to be as natural and short in your words as possible. If you have a genuine reason not to go, even though you want to, make sure your decline is an act of love and grace. If you are declining simply because you don’t want to go for whatever reason, a simple ‘’No’’ as RSVP should be enough.

If you are wondering how to fill out a wedding invitation, it is important to note that you need to fill out the RSVP card properly before you send it. It should mention all the guests who will be able to attend. This way the couple getting married will be able to have a good headcount about how many people will be attending.

Giving Gift Information

While couples do not get married because of the many gifts they will be receiving, it is true that people who love you will want to give you a wedding gift even if they are not able to come. The invite is a great way of giving them the required information.

So even if you know a friend or relative will not be coming to your wedding, you must send them an invitation. It is certainly something that is not going to cost you much but will bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones. It is a must to do it.

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