Whose name goes first on wedding invitations?

Whose name goes first on wedding invitations? 

Trying to decide on the wedding invitation design and the perfect wording? Well, with wedding planning in full swing, betting the invites right is one of the very first things to do. Whose name goes first on the wedding invitation is an important thing to consider for couples getting married.

Traditionally, the bride’s name goes first. The reason for this was that historically the bride’s family paid for the wedding. This may or may not happen in this day and age and hence couples have more options as to whose name will go first.

Few Naming Etiquettes on Wedding Invitations to Remember

1. Bride’s Name to Go First

If you are wondering whose name goes first, husband or wife, on wedding invitations, the bride’s name can. The ‘’Ladies first’’ attitude pervading western culture is an important reason why this has happened. It is a show of courtesy to the bride’s family and a choice you can go with.

2. The Surname of the Bride May Not be Mentioned

This happens especially in cases where there is mention of the bride’s surname in another part of the invite. If her parents have their names on the invite, the bride’s surname may not get mentioned. This may be a good idea if it is the bride’s parents who are hosting the event.

3. Full Name of Groom Used

When talking about whose name goes first on wedding invitations, whether the groom’s full name is used is also a question. The answer is yes. The groom’s full name is usually used unless specifically requested.

4. Same-Sex Couples

When talking about whose name goes first on wedding invitations when the couple is same-sex, the above rules may not apply. One of the options couples use is to go in alphabetical order. One may also choose to put names in the order which sounds better. The aesthetic visual appeal of the names together is also brought into question when deciding whose name goes first in such cases.

5. Do It Your Own Way

The thing to understand about wedding invitations is that though there are rules that many couples follow, you can set about breaking them. After all, it is your wedding and what you do and whose name goes first on the wedding invitations is really something both of you should decide.

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