What to write on the anniversary card?

What to write on the anniversary card?

It is easy and common to send a text message on the wedding anniversary of a couple you know. But it may be much more heartfelt if you could send an anniversary card for the same. It shows a little more effort on your part to remember a couple on their special day. So the next time you wish to say ‘’Happy Anniversary’’ to a couple, send out a wedding anniversary card for the same.

Tips for Writing an Anniversary Card

Now the thing is that not many people know what to write on a one year anniversary card or a similar anniversary. Here are a few tips to help:

Put your emotions forth. The best thing to do would be to write down your emotions on paper. When it comes to what to write on the first anniversary card, it is about writing something that will make the couple feel special about their union. 

Don’t feel overwhelmed when you start to write. It does not have to be a lot of words at all. In fact, just a line or two is enough to convey the emotions you feel. It is not like you have to write reams of paper to wish someone a happy anniversary. You can do so simply in just a few words.

Use Help. It is absolutely fine to use the help you can get. This usually means turning to the internet for help. Knowing what to write on an anniversary card to parents can be as simple as searching on Google. You will be able to get templates to use.

Anniversaries are not all about weddings and unions. It can also be about work. For example, people celebrate work anniversaries. It signifies the completion of a year at the same place of work. If you are looking for help with what to write on a work anniversary card, remember the year the person spent at work and write something that evokes a sense of nostalgia.

Examples of Anniversary Cards

Create one of the anniversary card examples that will pull at the heartstrings and make the person feel all the more special. Here are some anniversary card message examples you can use:

1. For a Friend

‘’Dear (name of friend),

Here’s wishing the two of you a very happy marriage anniversary! I am so glad you two met each other and got married. I am lucky to call myself your friend and I hope you get a lot of joy and laughter in your lives.’’

2. To Husband

‘’Dearest (name of husband),

I am so lucky to call you my husband. I remember the day we got married. I am so thankful that you are in my life and that you do so much for us. Love you.’’

From your wife.’’

3. To Wife

‘’Dearest (name of wife),

I hit the jackpot when I married you! Thank you for the shared laughter, joys, sorrows, and our beautiful children. I love you so much and I am so glad we are together!’’

From your husband.

4. To Children

‘’Dear (Name of the couple),

Happy Anniversary! I wish you lots of love, joy, and laughter in your marriage. 

All our love,
Mom and Dad.’’

As you can see from these examples of anniversary cards, it does not take much to create one. Putting your emotions and feelings is easy!

Beautiful Quotes For the Anniversary

In some cases, you don’t have a very personal relationship with the couple you want to wish a happy anniversary but have to do so anyway. Or maybe you want to use quotes in the card. Here are some great funny quotes about the anniversary of marriage you can use according to your will.

1. “There is nothing more lovely, friendly, and charming, communion or company, than a good marriage.”
2. ‘’Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.”
3. ‘’Even though the years pass by, may our love continue to grow and prosper. Happy anniversary and I love you!’’

Take the Time to Write the Perfect Words

Quotes about anniversaries don’t have to take a lot of time to write. Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing:

Short and Sweet: A good piece of advice to keep in mind is to keep everything as short and sweet as possible. The main reason why people struggle is because they find it difficult to write a lot of things. It does not have to be so. You can use quotes about your wedding anniversary to include in the card and write a line of your own. Keep things short and simple for the best effect.

Buy a Card: Some people find it impossible to do this on their own. For them, buying a card may just be easier and better. So if you are inclined to go to a shop and buy a card, it is what you should do. Save yourself the trouble and send a card the couple is going to appreciate.

No Negativity: If there has been something negative in the past, it is obvious that you should not bring it up on an anniversary. Instead, be positive and stick to funny quotes about the marriage anniversary

Now that you know exactly how to write an anniversary card for a couple or to your own spouse, get started. Find some good stationery and write out your emotions about their union. Or better still, write a few words on a card you buy from a shop. Greetings card makes things easy and you can buy and add a few words of your own.

Wishing a couple on their anniversary will make them feel as if you are thinking about them. If you have been part of their big day, it is all the more reason to send a card and wish them. Your own wedding anniversary too deserves a few words of love. Appropriate words can convey what you feel on the occasion and can spread joy and warmth to the special day.

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