Wedding invitation size guide

Wedding invitation size guide

There are so many wedding invitation sizes. If you are new to this whole wedding planning thing, then it can be overwhelming to choose the size that is right for you. But this article should help you figure out the right choice. So here goes.

What Is Your Budget?

This is the most important consideration. What kind of budget do you have? It is usually found that the wedding invitation cost is between 2 and 6% of the total wedding budget. Of course, it can be more or less than that but that is the average money couples spend on their invites. The size of the wedding invitation is a huge factor in the total cost of the activities.

The more unique and personalized the size is, the costlier it will be. So before you decide on a particular size or shape, it is important to have a wedding invitation budget. For this, don’t just calculate the number of people who need to be sent invites to, but also if you are planning to send any additional cards as well. Additional cards may include RSVP cards, detail cards, and maps. You can even send thank you cards.

The budget for a wedding invitation should include the cost of all these things and only then should you decide on the size you want. It is important to know that if you go more than the average wedding invitation size or choose something unique, you will be charged more.

What’s Your Mood?

A necessary consideration to decide on the kind of invite size you should go for us is what your mood for the wedding is. For some, going simplistic and minimalistic is what they want to aim for, and for them, a smaller and simple wedding invite is the best choice. For some, a bling-worthy wedding is in the cards and for them going all-out and choosing something big and ostentations is a good idea.

Your mood may also be about a particular color or theme. That is going to decide the wedding invitation card size. You may choose a rustic style of wedding, and your invite size will commemorate that.

What Details do You Want to Put on the Invite?

Depending on the kind of details that goes in, you can decide whether the typical wedding invitation size is going to be enough. There should be enough space for you to mention all the details you want to. Here are some of the details you may want to include:

The date and time of the wedding as well as the location of the wedding. This can be the name of the wedding venue or property where it will be held and include the city or town as well. If it is happening in a private home, then you can mention the address as well.

The name of the hosts should be mentioned as well. It can be the couple or the parents of the couple. If you are planning to include more names, the wedding invitation size guide requires you to choose a bigger invite size.

Common Sizes for Invites

Here are the common sizes for wedding invites people choose:

Standard: This is a 5x7 inch card in a rectangular shape. It is the traditional shape and size.

Tall: Choose this 4x9 inch card that is tall. It is perfect for including lots of information.

Folded: This can look like a greeting card and is great for lots of information in a cost-effective manner.

Large: This can be a 6x8 inch card.

Tiny: This can be a modern interpretation of wedding invites and can look cute.

Unique Shapes: This can cost more and can be any shape or size you want including square, oval, circle, and even diamond.

At Pietra Paper Design, find the right size of wedding invitations at an affordable price.

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