How to make a wedding bar menu?

How to make a wedding bar menu?

Planning a wedding requires a lot of effort, doesn't it? So if you are planning your wedding and looking for wedding drink menu tips and tricks, this article is surely going to help. Most people look forward to the drinks menu at the wedding they are invited to, whether it is cash or not. As a host, it is only right that you stock the bar with some favorites as well as do things that align with your wedding theme. Here’s all you need to know about having the perfect bar menu.

Anyone can walk into a bar and order a drink. The difference between going to a bar to drink and a drinks bar menu at a wedding is that it is up to the couple what they want. It should reflect what the couple is all about and what their wedding style is.

Decide How Much Alcohol You Need

If the reception venue you have booked is the one who will be responsible for the drinks, then it is up to them to decide the quality of alcohol that will be required. The same goes for if you have hired a caterer to look into the wedding drink menu. But if you are planning a more DIY initiative, then it is on you to find out the quantity of the drink menu wedding you will be having.

The rule of thumb usually is that each guest will be having one drink every hour. This will give you a good idea about how to plan the wedding reception drink menu.

What Kind of Alcohol You Should Include

This is another point of consideration. The kind of alcohol that is served at a wedding should depend on the style of the occasion. If it is a full bar you are planning, it will usually have one or two types of beer, a white wine, a red wine, and sparkling wine or champagne, along with basic alcohols like rum, vodka, whiskey, tequila, and gin. You also need to have an assortment of mixers such as water, ice, juices, and soda.

Go for a Wine Tasting

It is a smart move for a couple to go for a wine tasting before deciding on the bar menu. Wine is usually the most popular drink at wedding receptions because it is what gets served along with dinner.

Have a budget and then taste different wines before finding a couple of wines within your budget. Make sure it goes with your food menu. For example, if you are selecting something rich like roast beef, you have to choose heavier wines. If you are having pasta or chicken, then you can go for lighter wines. It is a better idea to go with crowd favorites you know your guests will like instead of trying to experiment with the wine menu.

Add a Special Non-Alcoholic Drink

There will probably be people at your wedding who are non-drinkers or designated drivers. Having a special non-alcoholic drink for them will mean that they feel good and have something to drink other than soda and water. So make sure your drink menu for the wedding has a nice non-alcoholic drink.

Consider a Signature Drink

Many couples today have a signature drink on their bar menus. It may be something both of you enjoy or it may have some sort of a nostalgic value attached to it. This is a great idea if you want to experiment a bit. It will add a fun element to the proceedings. A wedding signature drink menu can reflect what you are as a couple, much as your wedding theme.

Wedding Bar Menu Ideas

Open Bar

Yes, it is true that for a bar menu wedding, an open bar is perhaps the best thing to do. But the truth is that not everyone has the budget for it. So if you cannot afford an open bar, before deciding to go to a cash bar, look at a few other options.

Limited Open Bar

Many couples are choosing a limited open bar for their bar menu wedding. This means that you will reduce the number of options available to guests. Instead of a full bar, have wine, a beer, and a couple of liqueurs (whiskey and vodka are great ideas). Your guests are allowed to buy drinks other than the ones on the menu if they wish to.

Open Bar for Cocktail Hour

Another option to reduce the drinks menu budget is to have an open bar just for cocktail hour. After this, they can switch to wine and beer for dinner and dance afterward.

Champagne or Not?

A bar wedding menu may or may not include champagne. The truth is that the social media-friendly generation of today thinks that champagne has to be served. Yes, it is nice to have champagne on your wedding alcohol menu but it may not be so. You can simply choose to have wine. If your budget does not permit champagne.

Having a Signature Cocktail

Wedding bar menu wording often includes a signature cocktail being served to guests. But it does not have to be so. You may simply not decide to have a signature cocktail at all as you may feel that it increases the costs.

Now that you know all about the bar wedding menu, it is time for you to get started on planning the perfect one for your own D-Day. It is after all your big day and you want to serve drinks your guests are going to love, and you and your would-be are going to get a kick out of. Setting a budget right away is the best thing to do because it will tell you what are must-haves and what can be foregone if the need be. At Pietra Paper Design, get the drinks menu for your wedding printed at an affordable price. They have some gorgeous menu designs available and they can work around your wedding theme.

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