When to Send Wedding Invitations? (and Everything Else!)

When to send wedding invitations?

Planning a wedding where you will be united in holy matrimony with your significant other? Then invites are a must to include. Understanding the rules of when to send out invitations for a wedding is necessary. This article will let you know everything about sending our wedding invitations and more.

What are wedding invitations?

They are invites sent out to let guests know of the event. They include the time, date, and location of the event and are necessary when you are planning a wedding. Getting married is a huge milestone in the lives of most people and they usually want to share the occasion with their loved ones. Understanding what are wedding invitations supposed to say is an important part of wedding planning for most couples.

When to Send and What to Write on Wedding Invitations?

If you want to know when to send invitations for wedding, here are some pointers to help:

Approximately 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding, you must send out the invites. This will give them ample time to arrange for leaves from work and accommodation at the location of the wedding if needed. 

RSVPs are integral to proper wedding planning and a good time to ask for RSVPs is at least a month before the date. This will give you time to sort out catering, seating arrangements, and more for an appropriate headcount.

Apart from the date, time, and location of your event, your invite should also include an RSVP card and any other information you want to give your guests. Invite them to the wedding in a simple or more wordy manner depending on what kind of event you are planning.

If your question is when to send destination wedding invitations, the answer is at least 2 months before the date. The idea is to give your guests a lot of time to plan and arrange everything they need to attend your D-Day.

What Should Your Wedding Invite Suite Include

Most couples don’t just send a wedding invite these days. Other cards are also sent to ensure a smooth wedding for themselves and their guests. Here’s a list of cards that are part of the wedding invitation suite.

1. The Save-The-Date

Couples send it out soon after they get engaged as a way to let guests know that they are planning a wedding soon. It may or may not have the exact date. It may have something like ‘We Are Having Spring Wedding in (insert year). This is a great way to notify guests about your plans and that they are going to get a proper invitation soon.

2. Engagement Party Invite

If you are having an engagement party, then sending guests an invite to it is a good idea.

3. Bridal Shower Invite

Some brides-to-be have bridal showers where everyone invites to the wedding gets an invite. Some choose to invite just very close friends and family. It is up to you to decide when to send invitations for the wedding bridal shower.

4. Rehearsal Dinner Invite

If you are having one, you can order the invites for it right with your wedding invitation suite. Pietra Paper Design has some beautiful rehearsal dinner invite options available.

5. Thank You Cards

This is sent after the wedding as a way of thanking guests for coming and for their gifts. 

You can order just your wedding invites or you can go the whole hog and order everything this article talks about. It is after all your wedding and it is safe to say that you are the boss. Do what makes you happy and have a wedding that is memorable for you and your significant other!

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