Who plans a bachelorette party?

Who plans a bachelorette party?
Who plans a bachelorette party?

Who plans a bachelorette party?

Regardless of what kind of wedding you are planning or what customs, if any at all, you will be following, having a bachelorette party can be a lot of fun. It is about having a last hoorah before walking down the aisle! Here are things you must know about bachelorette parties and how they get hosted.

Who’s Planning a Bachelorette Party - The Main Candidates

If you want to know who plans the bachelorette party, the main candidate is the maid of honor. In case there is no maid of honor or she can’t host it for some reason, a close friend or family member can host it.

1. MOH
The maid of honor is responsible for a lot of things done at the wedding. She is typically the bride’s right hand and her job is to help the would-be bride. She is the usually whom the responsibility of holding the bachelorette party falls.

2. Bridesmaid
Many times, the responsibility of the maid of honor is so much that she can't host the bachelorette as well. In such cases, a bridesmaid takes on the responsibility to do so. It is great if duties were split out among the bridesmaid so that everyone got a chance to pitch in and help out.

3. A Family Member or Close Friend
There is no hard and fast rule and nowhere does it say exactly who usually plans the bachelorette party. It can well be a family member or a close friend. As long as the bride is comfortable with that person, there is no reason why a BFF cannot host a wild bachelorette.

The person who plans the bridal shower and bachelorette party can be different from each other. Many brides do not have a bridal shower at all and straight on enjoy a bachelorette with friends and close family members.

What Do You Need to Plan a Fabulous Bachelorette Party?

Now let’s look at some tips on how to plan a bachelorette party.

The Bride is the Priority: That’s right. After all, it is the bride that matters the most and therefore chooses to do things that the bride is sure to like. For example, if the bride likes things like spas and getting massages, then the best thing to know about how to plan the best bachelorette party is to have a mani-pedi spa appointment with her friends for company. If she is someone who loves bar-hopping and dancing, then choosing that and eating her favorite cuisine after is a great way to plan the night.

Good Place: If you want to know how to plan a bachelorette party on a budget, then someone’s house is actually a great idea. While it may not seem much, the truth is that a night in with her girlfriends can be just the thing the bride needed before her big day! You can make cocktails, get some good food and just have a fun yapping session together. This will mean a low-budgeted bachelorette party for everyone to enjoy.
If your budget is higher, then a hotel stay or a night out when you crawl bars and sample the best cocktails in town sounds great.

Good Food and Drinks: Bachelorette party invitations are a great way to start off with a bang! Don’t forget to plan good food and drinks. Try to include the brides’ favorite foods while you are at it. Bachelorette invitations sent off to friends and family members of the bride who are invited are a great way to add more fun.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun: A bachelorette is a great opportunity for the bride to spend some time with her friends and close family. It is a way to let the hair down and have fun. So make sure you plan it in a way so everyone can have fun.

A bachelorette party is a lot like a send-off in the sense that the would-be bride is going to settle down. Plan a party she is going to enjoy and everyone else invited is going to enjoy too. With bachelorette party invitations from Pietra Paper Designs, you are sorted as far as the invites are concerned. Now it is your job to send them out so that they reach guests on time!

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