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How to address a wedding Invitation the right way?

Getting married is one of the biggest occasions in life. If you are planning a wedding soon, it is time to get sorted out all the things you have to do. This includes sending wedding invitations. If you haven’t placed your order for wedding invitations, you must. This article will talk about not just wedding invitation examples wording, but also other etiquettes about wedding invites you must know about.

Getting the Wording Right

Unless you know how to address a wedding invitation envelope for family, you will not be able to get the wording right. It pisses off many people when they get an invite that has not been addressed properly. Imagine you have got the invitation maker or even a calligrapher to address the names. It is still your job to make sure that the names and addresses of all your guests are available to them.

There are lots of other things to know about this part of wedding planning and here it is all.

Addressing Wedding Invitations: Examples

Wedding invitation wordings example is all about helping you decide what is right for your situation and guest.

For a husband and wife couple, both need to be mentioned by Mr. and Mrs. Some people use Mr. and Mrs. followed by the husband’s full name. This is however not preferred in today’s times because of the archaic wording. You can of course right the full name of the couple after Mr. and Mrs.

On how to address a married couple on a wedding invitation mentioning both their names on the invite is the best thing to do. This works if the couple has different surnames. But then whose name should be put first? It is best to put the name of the person you are close to first, followed by the name of the spouse.

What if a couple is unmarried and is living together? Well, for this the perfect example of wedding invitation wording is about putting both the names on the invite. The person you are closest to should be put first though, followed by the partner.

How to Address a Wedding Invitation to a Single Person

If you have decided to invite a single person to the wedding, then the modern wording for wedding invitation examples will again be a bit different. As you can see, there are as many wordings as there are combinations of guests and this article tries to explain it all. For a single person, the best address would be Mr. or Miss followed by their full name. 

About how to address a single woman on a wedding invitation, it is all about letting her know she is welcome. If you want her to get a friend or a significant other to come to the wedding with you, mention that on the invite.

If the single person you are inviting is a widow, then it is a good idea to reach out to her to ask about how she wants to be addressed in the invite. If that is not possible and you are unsure, go with her full name followed by Mrs. It is the correct way to handle a delicate matter.

How to Address a Wedding Invitation to a Family or a Married Couple?

If you are planning to send an invite to the whole family, then there is an etiquette for that as well.

First of all, the couple’s names should be on the outer envelope. If the couple’s kids are less than 18 years of age, their names should be on the inner envelope. If you want, the girls’ names can be prefixed with a Miss. If you need an example, it should be something like, ‘’ Miss Raina, Tom, and Dick’’. It is best if you go by age, meaning the eldest child is mentioned first, followed by others.

If you are inviting the whole family, and there are adult kids in consideration who are living with their parents, you need to send them separate invites. Use the address you would do for any single person, i.e. Mr. or Miss followed by their full names.

Sometimes, couples don’t want to invite children for their own reasons. It may be because the venue does not permit it. After all, they want to keep the guest list small or they want an adults-only affair. Whatever it is, it is necessary to let your guests know that children are not invited. While it is usually understandable for people that their kids are not invited if there is no mention of them in the invite, it is best to let them know explicitly.

Letting your guests know that children are not invited or it is ‘’adults only’’ is absolutely fine.

How to Address Wedding Invitation to a Single Parent and Child?

For this, the best way to go about is to address the invite to the single parent with his or her full name and a Mr or Miss before it. In the inner envelope, mention the name of the child. 

Perfecting the Art of Addressing Wedding Invites

Now that you know how to address the whole family for a wedding invitation, it is important to know a few pointers as well:

Assemble the Names. Perhaps the most important thing to do regarding addressing invites is to get the names together. Anyone who has more than 100 people on the guest list is in for some homework when it comes to preparing the guest list.

Use an address for both return and RSVP. This is important because it helps not to get guests confused and them sending their RSVPs to the wrong address.

Putting in the envelopes carefully is another job to do. Unless this is done properly, it may end up with your guests not getting the full effect of your invite. The inner envelope should be left unsealed.

Weigh envelopes before sending them off. This will decide the stamp you need for them,

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