How to assemble wedding invitations?

Everything you need to know about how to assemble wedding invitations

There are things that you never realize you don’t know how to do till you have to do them. The same thing can be said about assembling wedding invitations. For most couples, it can come as a shock that they don’t know what to do till their invites arrive from the printing company! This article is a great one to get all the information you need about assembling your wedding invitations the right way.

Start With the First Invitation

The first step to knowing how to assemble the wedding invitations is to start with the first one. Place it on the table with the heads up.

The Tissue Paper: To Keep It or Not?

The next thing is to check whether there is tissue paper attached to the invite. This has continued since olden times when the ink used to smudge. It was used as a way of preventing the ink from smudging. You can be guaranteed that any self-respecting invite maker will use non-smudge ink and that is the least of your worries!

But you can still decide to keep the tissue paper you want or get rid of it completely. It does add a touch of softness and fragility. The wedding invitation tissue paper is something you have to decide on as a couple.

Next, Add The Reception Card and All Other Enclosure Cards

The next thing is to do with the wedding invitation reception card. Add it as well as the other enclosure cards there might be. This should be on top of the actual wedding invite. If you have included the tissue paper, make sure to place it on top of it. If you have ordered other enclosure cards and want to know how to assemble the wedding invitation, then put all of them face up on top of the reception card. This can include any map or information leaflet about hotels and accommodation.

This basically means that the wedding invitation and reception card are placed one by one and on top of them the enclosure cards should go.

One tip for couples who are confused about which enclosure cards to put first, then the biggest one goes first followed by the ones that are smaller in size.

Next Goes the RSVP Card

If you are wondering about how I assemble my wedding invitation, then the next thing to do would be to put the RSVP card on top of the enclosure cards. Make sure it is face down on top of the enclosure cards.

This way, your guests will get to see the RSVP card and ensure that they reply as soon as possible.

Fill Up the Wedding Envelope

It is extremely necessary to know how to fill out a wedding invitation envelope correctly when you have a wedding coming up! It really depends on whether you have chosen just one envelope to send your invitation in or an inner and outer envelope. For those who have chosen the former, you need to clearly write the names of your guests and their full addresses. For Example, ‘’Mr. and Mrs. Smith’’ is the traditional wording for couples wanting to know how to assemble a wedding invitation. You can also choose other forms of address if you want.

If there is an inner envelope involved, then you can go for just a name. For example, the inner envelope can be addressed to ‘’Tom and Meg’’ if they are your close friends.  The outer envelope should only contain the formal names of the guests and their addresses.

Put Everything Inside the Envelope

Knowing how to assemble a wedding invitation suite is also about making sure everything goes inside the envelope after you have filled them up with proper names and addresses. Out everything inside in the correct order and seal it.

Pointers to Keep in Mind When Assembling Wedding Invitations

1. Everything Should be Proofread: Before you start assembling, are you sure you have proofread each and every card, twice? This is so important. You don’t want to send something to your guest that is wrongly spelled or has bad grammar. You also want to make sure you have the correct date and time as well as the right spelling of your names.

2. Get Names of Guests Right: Also, how to assemble pocket wedding invitations is also about getting the names of your guests right. This can mean the spelling as well as the address. For example, don’t write ‘’Mrs. Smith’’ for a woman who is a doctor in her own right. Using correct addresses is really important because your intention is not to hurt anybody.

3. The RSVP is a Must: Even if you are doing just one wedding invite, you need an RSVP card. You may decide to keep it simple and not have any enclosure cards but an RSVP card to necessary. Knowing how to assemble wedding invitations with RSVP cards will mean that you don’t have to worry about people not getting back to you. You need a final headcount for the reception to give to the catering service. For this, getting back the RSVPs on time matters a lot.

4. Right Postage: Another crucial thing to do before you start assembling is to get the right postage. While the minimum postage will probably not work, knowing how much is necessary is a smart move. For this, it is recommended that you get the whole invitation suite to the nearest post office and have it weighed. Then buy the postage that will be necessary to send the invitations. This way you will not have to worry about including less postage than necessary.

Now that you know how to assemble your wedding invitations, it is time to get started on it. It may take you and your significant other a few nights to finish the job depending on the number of guests you are planning on. At Pietra Paper Design, get your hands on the best wedding invitations that are modern, trendy, and beautiful.  

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