Wedding invitation etiquette - how to avoid mistakes?

Wedding invitation etiquette - how to avoid mistakes?

Getting married is the biggest occasion in your life, isn’t it? You want everything to be perfect and you want to make sure that it is done correctly. When it comes to weddings, the invitation matters. However, it is not just a matter of sending it by mail. There is more to it than that. Certain etiquettes need to be followed. This article will talk about the wedding invitation etiquette mistakes to avoid making.

Putting An Incorrect Start Time

It can be tempting to put an earlier start time on the wedding invitation. But that is just bad invitation etiquette for the wedding. If you are considering putting an earlier start time for your wedding ceremony because you think your guests may arrive late and miss your entrance, it is a mistake.

Most guests will plan to attend a wedding they have been invited to and are more likely to arrive earlier than late. This means they are probably going to arrive at least 30 to 40 minutes before the start time of the wedding. So if you put an earlier time, chances are they are going to be very early, you don’t want them to have to wait too long before you make your entrance.

So do yourself and your guests a favor by making sure that your wedding invitation address etiquette is putting the correct time on the invite.

Not Providing RSVP Instructions

Don’t be the person that does not send a ‘’RSVP by’’ date. Doing this is necessary and a big thing for you as a couple. When there is such a date mentioned, you can be assured that the guest will keep to it. It is wedding invitation etiquette RSVP to make sure there is such date within which the guest who has been sent the invite emails the RSVP to the address mentioned.

RSVPs are super-important as it helps you come to a headcount for the number of guests. It is required for the catering service you are planning to hire. With the headcount, it is easier to plan food, and drinks and make seating arrangements. So make sure your invite has an RSVP card as well as a ‘’RSVP by’’ date.

Not Sending a Stamp for the RSVP Card

This is another wedding invitation etiquette that you must follow. If you are looking forward to having your guests send their RSVPs back on time, then you must put a stamp. It means that you need to buy a bunch of stamps. But not sending one but expecting your guests to pay to send back the RSVP is an etiquette mistake you can avoid.

Not Sending the Invitation On Time

Another wedding invitation etiquette to follow is to send the invite on time. This is usually 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding date. Unless you keep to it, it may be problematic for your guests to come to your big day. For a small town wedding where all your guests are from the same town, this can be shorter, meaning, you can send an invite about a month before the wedding. But if your guests will be flying and driving from afar, then it is only right that you send invites much before.

Not Putting in All the Important Instructions

You have to make sure that your guests have access to all the information they need to attend your wedding. It is your task to make sure your guests have the correct information so that they can plan accordingly. So make sure that your invite has the date, time, and exact location. If the reception is going to be at the same place, you can mention a ‘’Reception to follow'' on the invite itself.

If the reception is going to be held at a different location, you can either mention it on the invite itself or do up a formal reception card to be sent along with the invite. It can hold all the information guests need to go to the reception venue.

Not Putting the Correct Information About The Registry

Indeed, your wedding invitation card should not have information about the wedding registry. But it has to be there somewhere! That is good wedding invitation registry etiquette. So the smart thing would be to include a link to your wedding website if you have one, and mention a link to the wedding registry there. It should be easily seen by your guests so they can get to the wedding registry quickly.

Alternatively, you can include information about your wedding registry in an information card you send along with the invite.  Make sure that the wedding invitation etiquette wording is done correctly though.

No Clarification about the Invitees

Wedding invitation etiquette addressing envelopes is also ensuring that your guests have a good idea about who is invited to the wedding. It is so crucial to put the names of the people who are actually invited. For example, you can put the names of the couple you want at your wedding. If they have kids, but they are not invited, mention that it is a ‘’Adults Only Event’’.

Some couples invite a Plus One. So you can do something like ‘’ Miss Havlock and A Guest’’ on the invite to indicate that she can bring along a guest of her own.

If you want to invite the whole family of a particular guest, including their kids, mention the name of all of them or you can do something like ‘’ The Havlock Family’’. All this will ensure that your guests understand who exactly is invited and can make the required arrangements to attend.

Yes, sending invites for your wedding can be a tough ballgame if you don’t want to make etiquette mistakes. Keep in mind these few things and you will be fine, it is all about putting things in perspective so that your guests do not feel offended or hurried to plan to come to your wedding.

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