Rules of etiquette when it comes to thank-you cards

Rules of etiquette you should follow when it comes to thank-you cards

If you are having second thoughts about sending wedding thank you cards, you should stop right there. The thing is, sending thank-you cards is one of the most integral parts of wedding planning. So if you need some help regarding how to design and implement them, this article will certainly give you doable ideas.

While at some point in history, wedding thank you cards were the norm, many couples are choosing not to send them in modern times. But remember, people, including friends and family members, usually start sending their presents and blessings right after the time you get engaged. Shouldn’t you send them the thank you cards for their trouble? It is just the right thing to do!

Do You Need a Wedding Thank You Cards?

So, to send or not to send? Deciding what to write in a wedding thank you card is one of the most pertinent questions that couples have for their wedding planning. While the task itself may seem intimidating and time-consuming, this is seriously one of those things that just have to be done. It is good wedding etiquette to thank guests for the trouble they endured to send gifts and attend the event.

What to write on a wedding thank you card is also something you should decide after taking a look at some samples that are mentioned below. It should give you a good idea of where to start. If you want to send such a card only to people who have sent a gift, then knowing how to write a wedding gift thank you card is necessary. Getting matching wedding stationery to write your cards is a good starting point. Such cards can actually be a part of your wedding invitation suite which you can order together.

Do I have to Send Thank You Cards to Every Wedding Event?

 This is another question that couples find themselves facing. Understanding the etiquette behind sending thank you cards should be the basis of the answer. Why do you need to send wedding thank you cards personalized? You send them to show your gratitude for the gifts that get sent to you and the presence of guests at your wedding. Yes, you have to send personalized thank you note cards for the wedding gifts you receive. But you need to acknowledge other gifts too.

This means that you basically have to send personalized cards with thanks after every wedding event. Apart from the bachelorette party, you will have to plan thank you cards or notes for each event that precedes your wedding day. You have to plan a thank you note if your friends have got you a special present for your bachelorette too.

Order personalized thank you cards from professional invite makers like Pietra Paper Design. They provide high-quality thank you cards. This is because every gift you receive at your bridal shower, engagement party, and any other event has to be acknowledged with a thank you note to the gifter. So if a person has given you a total of three gifts, one for your engagement, one for your bridal shower, and one for your wedding, you need to send three thank you cards to them. Yes, many people choose cheap personalized thank you cards because it may seem like too much money spent, but there is no question of not sending them.

So start early because you are probably going to have to spend a lot on such cards.

What to Write on Wedding Thank You Cards

Wedding thank you cards are nothing more than gratitude cards and that is the thought that matters. Remember, when you send these cards, it is with a feeling of gratitude for the gifts and blessings people have sent for your big day. When you are writing down the message, first write the name of the guest you're addressing on the card. Thank them for their presence on your wedding day or for any pre-wedding event they came to, and mention the gift they sent. Make sure to mention at least a line or a couple of lines about the gift and what you liked about it.

Taking some time to personally write thank you cards is a wonderful way of showing appreciation for them being in your life.

When Should Wedding Thank You Cards be Sent?

If you are wondering when to send thank you cards to weddings, there are a few rules you can follow for etiquette's sake. If it is a gift you received in a pre-wedding event, aim to send out thank you cards within two weeks of the event.

Another question related to when to send out wedding thank you cards is if you receive gifts on your wedding day, the aim should be to send them out within three months afterward.

For couples wondering when to send thank you cards for weddings and whether it is okay to send them late, the thing to understand is that doing so is not a crime. However, sending them out promptly shows respect for the gift as well as the gift-giver. So try to send them out on time as much as possible.

Now that your questions about when to send out thank you cards for the wedding have been answered, do order your thank you cards along with the rest of your wedding stationery. It is a good thing that modern wedding invitation makers will be able to keep to a wedding theme which includes your thank you cards. This is great for uniformity and shows everyone that your wedding planning has gone off without a hitch!

If you are wondering about digital thank you cards, the answer is yes, many couples are using them. But if you want to remain authentic and also showcase style, then the best thing is to go for traditional thank you cards. And it doesn’t have to be a lot of words said either; go with simple words and it will be a good enough thank you!

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