What to write on a wedding card?

What to write on a wedding card?

Trying to figure out what to write on a wedding card? Well, you are not alone. Now that you have shopped and found the perfect wedding gift for the couple, it is time to sit and write a wedding message for them.

The best thing is that there are no absolute rules that you have to follow when it comes to what message to write on a wedding card. The only thing to remember is that your hearty wishes for the couple should be at the forefront. You can use any wording you want to do that. However, these examples might come in handy if you are looking for ideas.

Some Wedding Card Etiquette Tips

When looking at wedding wishes examples, you should know that sending a wedding card is necessary to send your best wishes to the couple. You can do it for a couple who has just been married or a couple who has got engaged recently. 

While some people choose to go with the greeting card by sending the couples their best wishes, some choose to make homemade cards. Whatever it is, the idea is to make your good wishes known to the couple. Also, about wedding card etiquette when to mail, you can do so a few days after the wedding. In fact, if the couple has chosen a small wedding and you have not been invited, you can send your best wishes without breaking any etiquette.

Wedding wishes: Examples

1. Go Formal: If the couple has chosen to have a formal wedding, then it is best to write a message that reflects a more formal tone. Here are some examples:

‘’Wish you a lifetime of happiness and togetherness.’’

‘’May the years ahead be ones filled with joy and laughter’’.

‘’Best wishes on your journey of love, togetherness, and joy’’.

2. Doing it Casually: If you don’t know what to write on a wedding response card with causal wording, here are some examples:


‘’I am so happy for you!’’

‘’Wishing you a fun-filled and happy marriage’’.

3. Be Funny: It is absolutely okay to be funny when it comes to wishing a couple on their wedding. Here are some examples you could try:

‘’Thank you for all the booze. Have a great marriage/life together!’’

‘’Marriage advice you should use: love, cherish, honor and …. Clean the kitchen!’’

‘’We are so glad we got to break out our dancing moves for such a lovely couple! Congratulations!’’

4. Put in Religion: Wedding best wishes examples you could use if you know the couple getting married are deeply religious are mentioned below:

‘’God bless your marriage and union’’.

‘’May God pour out His love in your union and marriage.’’

‘’Our prayers for your unending love, happiness, and contentment.’’

5. If it is a Family Member: If a close family is getting married, wedding card etiquette what to write should be followed. It should be a bit different from if the couple were a friend or colleague.

‘’Welcome to the family. Wish you a wonderfully happy married life!’’

‘’We are so glad that you have come into the family. Wishing you a lifetime of togetherness and joy.’’

‘’We are so happy to have been invited to be a part of your big day. Congratulations and have a great married life’’.

6. For a Sibling Getting Married: If it is your brother or sister getting married, the wording should be likewise. It also depends on what kind of relationship you have with the sibling. If it is a strained one, then something general is the best. If it is a wonderfully close one, then something that brings that tone to the message is a good idea. You can choose from any of the examples given below:

‘’Best wishes to both of you as you embark on a life together’’.

‘’It seems just like yesterday since you two met and I couldn’t be happier seeing you get married. Best wishes!’’

‘’Sending my love and prayers to the both of you as you start your journey together in life.’’

7. For a Child Getting Married: Here are some wedding wishes examples you can use:

‘’We are so happy to welcome you into the family. Best wishes to both of you.’’

‘’Today we welcome a new member to our family. We couldn’t be happier. Sending you our best wishes.’’

‘’We love you both. Sending both of you our love and good wishes.’’

8. To a Friend: If it is a friend getting married, what you write on the wedding card depends on the kind of relationship you have and how funny, serious or humorous you want to be.

Here are some examples:

‘’I am so glad I get to spend this day with you while you get married. Congratulations!’’

‘’Best wishes for a fun-filled and happy life together.’’

‘’Cheers to your love. Congratulations on your marriage!’’

What to Write on a Wedding Card?

Now that you know what to write on a wedding card, understanding when to send is the next step. As mentioned before, you can send it anytime you want to, but after the wedding is a good option. This gives the newlyweds the chance to settle down after their honeymoon. 

What to Write on a Wedding Gift Card?

Are you planning to give the couple a gift card to let them buy what they want? Well, that is certainly a smart thing to do, especially if you have trouble finding a gift. On the gift card, you can choose to write any of the messages shared above depending on the appropriateness. 

You can be as casual or as formal as you want to. Many people are choosing to present gift cards as wedding gifts because of their ease and convenience.

Writing out a wedding card does not have to be difficult. You just have to know what to do. When you receive a wedding invite that has been done up by Pietra Paper Design, it will certainly be a beautiful one. Show the couple some love by sending off a wedding card or taking one with you to the wedding reception. 

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